Hank is poop now


The laser cutter with its 4th nerf (I think). Come ooooooon!! The orbital is awful now, takes way to long to drop and u nerfed the damage on it by half for the first 3 shots. The orbital is dead, no monster is going to stay in the spot for that long. You have completely taken out damage from Hank. The game is heading in the wrong direction…


The orbital is absolutely disgusting now. So much for Orb-Mor…


At least we got a new sunny as the standard defensive support :slight_smile:


Sunny is bad to, she got her capacity back but now her boost does less and her damage is nothing


No she’s not 0.o
Boost is fine, sure its slow but there’s so much to use! And damage isn’t supposed to be her strength its about protection


Why not make just one thread with your opinions instead of one for each? I would be more expedient that way and less clutter.

As for the topic; The defensive supports do a lot more than just defense. They’re supposed to have either good utility OR damage. The issue is that Hank had both, so they nerfed his damage. I’d be willing to bet he’s still a strong pick, except he now requires a good bit more thinking than he did before.


His defensive capabilities are completely unchanged. Hanks shield with capacity still offers amazing protection. If you want to do damage as a support there are plenty of other options for you.


Orbital really wasn’t supposed to be for stupid, free damage, its area denial, so it still serves its purpose fine. Hank is still one of the best.


No shit Sherlock, he’s a defensive support. He brings brains to fight. If you want muscle pick Cabot or Kala.


Guys don’t fall into his clickbait, right now he’s having a hayday with creating pls nerf monster and buff hunter threads.


There’s no better way to start your morning than with a warm cup of coffee and some nice Brian Paul threads.


If anyone thinks he’s rubbish because of his changes, then they were relying too much on his damage which was, and always has been, insane.


Dude, really?

Ive been saying for months that “game is not balanced when Defensive Support can do 10-14k damage as standard game”. Then top that damage with Shied, Booster or Area control. (and I still do damage with it)

I mean how can it ever be balance if Offensive supports do like 10-15% more damage, but lack shield/area control.

For me, Hanks orbital is still doing what it needs: forces Monster to think about Evolve location, forces Monster out from certain location inside Dome, denies bodycamping by controlling are at any given time when recharged.

For me, Sunny can single handedly keep the entire team on the Monster´s heel. She can force Monsters inside dome to burn traversals or abilities to destroy drone (that will be up 8sec later), and on top of that she can take any Hunter in need and fly him/her to the sky while medic does its healing. She can shield while boosting/damaging.

What I want so say, Sunny and Hank are still the best choices despite the changes. You dont have to take my word on this, lets just observe as the meta evolves.


Brian Paul managed to make @Terepin even more miserable than his Hugh Laurie avi. That’s dedication.


Hank is balanced. Sunny is a little strong. Cabot is balanced. Bucket is a little weak. Tech Sgt. is a little weak. Kala is a little weak.

Welcome to the new support class. People complained monsters were UP, which was correct in most cases.

Supports are weaker, Assaults are weaker. Medics are stronger, trappers are more important.

Now adjust. Then decide what is poop and what is not poop.


If you relied on Orbital for Damage, you misunderstood what the Orbital was for!


[quote=“cybersquidarmy, post:10, topic:86276, full:true”]
Guys don’t fall into his clickbait, right now he’s having a hayday with creating pls nerf monster and buff hunter threads.
[/quote]Posting just to mirror this sentiment, here. Brian_Paul has always been posting “buff the hunters, nerf the monsters!” threads. I’d personally suggest taking almost nothing he says seriously, at this point.


Hank is not poop, he was just overpowered. Same case with Sunny.

I have been saying it ever since Cabot got nerfed to do equal damage with every other support, THE DEFENSIVE SUPPORTS DEAL TOO MUCH DAMAGE.

There was little is initiative to use Cabot or Bucket, because Hank and Sunny can roughly do the same amount of damage. With the added benifit of keeping the team alive longer.

So even if Cabot and Bucket’s damage are say 30-45% higher than Hank and Sunny’s they still would be pretty meh because Hanks and Sunnys allow for the whole team to stay in a fight longer and overall everyone contributes to more damage.

So taking their self damage down might make him individually make him contribute less for damage, but overall everyone else will be able to pull their own damage.


You should be on the balance team…this makes too much sense.


In my opinion he is not that good anymore cause defense has not that high value anymore in the game.

I didnt have seen the new Sunny yet but before the patch she was no option for us. I never had a problem with her.

But a little slight buff would not hurt him :wink:

Yes he is…

Yes he is…


Hank was OP, ahh okay…