Hank is an easy target


Hank and val are very strong combo

It’s hard for the monster to do strikes on the team unless he went for Hank

It’s easy now to get one or two strikes on Hank and once strikes goes for Hank . Forget about winning the match

something needs to be done for Hank to protect himself more in higher levels

A faster cool down for his orbital barrage would be my suggestion . Even if it means reducing the damage for his orbitals

In the current meta laz bucket still the best combo and my team has a higher win rate in 2.0


You might need this


Umm… nice opinion… but that’s wrong.

Val + Hank/Sunny is the new meta and if played well are nigh unstoppable.

Hank is completely fine with a Val or Caira.


Okay, no. Hank has plenty of defensive options available to him.

Besides, if someone like me is capable of giving monsters the runaround as Hank even after sustaining two strikes then he’s absolutely fine.


Hank, one can say he is a movie-star The Hankening 3 :c , Honestly unless you are throwing your Orbitals willy nilly and you’re staying away from the medic there is no reason not have a strong defense. I can understand where this thread is coming from if you’re playing pubs or with Laz. Hank is pretty strong with all medics but he is kinda of on the bad side with Laz after the “flame shielding” got fixed. Maybe Gorgon is a perfect counter for Hank… only time will tell.


No, really no, super no, Hank absolutely does not need any buffs whatsoever, there’s a reason that there are no “Hank is UP” threads on the forums, Hank is the best support for a lot of comps and until the recent Val buff that made Sunny much more valuable Hank was used almost exclusively in the competetive scene, giving him more survivability would without a doubt make him OP


The best support without a question is Hank due the shield to protect the team

In pups he is the best but in higher ranked (silver elite monster + above ) he has a hard time protecting himself

I Normally use orbital to defend my self . And dodge to sustain me longer

Hank is my most playable character and he is the best at what he does no question about it

Due to latest Nerf . He can’t sustain himself anymore .

And the second seggustion there must be a better perk viable for him rather than Reload or capacity


Assuming you don’t play Hank . Otherwise you would have a different opinion :smile:

It’s a huge disadvantage for the hunters when Hank gets strike

@macman can you tell us the win/lose rate for Hank in higher levels and the probability of having strikes before and after the new meta ?


Assuming you’re not that great with Hank, otherwise you’d have a different opinion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good Hank players know Hank is suffering

For instance : stomptrooper who has the highest Hank wins and he stated that in his stream

Also the 3 highest rank stopped playing Hank after the nerf because he can’t sustain himself anymore

You and I can’t have a better opinion than they have . They are more experienced .

I play both monsters and hunters (silver elite) . The fact that Hank can’t do anything but to receive strike is just destroying the compition

Dodging one or two attacks … get healing little bit . Cloak if you lucky enough to get away . You are getting down. Hank is a piece of cake now


Doesn’t every monster have a Laz/Bucket hard-counter though?

OG has Flame Breath.

MG has… Everything.

Kraken has Aftershock and electro-muffins.

Wraith has Decoy (for sneaking in that res-pounce or free-feeding) and Supernova (for wiping turrets faster).

And Bob has Lava Bomb and Rock Wall. If you think about it, Tongue Grab is a hard counter too since it reveals cloaked hunters whilst aiming.


how was he able to sustai. Himself, His invisibility?

Dunno why but i havent seen it work anymore :o i guess its a bug


Please excuse me, I have to go make a thread real quick.



Thats an example of failing to adapt, this is just my opinion btw I am barely starting to play evolve again after taking a few months of but honestly I don’t see Anything different from the way Hank was when I stopped playing to the way Hank is now. How exactly was he able to substain himself before but not now?


How has he changed in such a drastic way that he is weak? True he can’t stay invisible all the time anymore but besides that he is incredibly powerful for a defense support.


Nor should he be able to. No Hunter can. He was the best at keeping himself alive, and still is, as far as supports go. He’s just a little closer to the others.

Hank has felt a lot better since the patch; far more fair.


He’d be fine if Caira and Slim wasn’t robbed of reload perk. So, real source of an issue is medics nerf. The only viable medic is now Val, and Hank’s cloak just becoming much less useful with Val since she can’t heal you when you’re cloaked without revealing your location. Only option is to run to Val for heal burst when you’re cloaked, but heal burst is not always available on demand, plus it screws yours and/or Val’s positioning.

If your medic is Val there is no reason to not go Sunny instead of Hank, unless you suspect that monster will be Kraken, then get Hank and cross your fingers.


I personally disagree with this, strongly.


Sunny/Val is fine to use vs Kraken, tbh. Get Val up in the air and only AS and VT can hit her. Moving around a little she can dodge the VT and take the AS.


Well, AS’s cooldown is 6 seconds with CDR perk. Val’s healburst isn’t. There are also melees.
And let’s assume shield drone is being consistently destroyed. Still playable but not worth the trouble, Hank is more reliable against Kraken.