Hank, Gameplay, Dome and more



I have some opinions about the game we wanted to put here:

First : The ability of the missile Hank is very weak , it is hard to still hit with the slowness that is to fall , it is very difficult to hit.

Second: The idea of ​​all hunters have the game is very cool , only one of the graces of the game in my opinion, was to play the trap and see it capture the monster, gives great satisfaction , so I think all hunters should have the dome weapon .

Third : I slow characters is even more difficult to escape from the monsters , the jetpack hardly carries even with the packs.

Fourth : The ability of the support is very weak , could trade for another coolest thing !

Thursday: The Dome fall to the monster run away I think until fair , only falling very fast , and sometimes missing only two life bars to kill, and he runs off and the game takes another 10 minutes to go , it is very boring.

Thanks for listening.


The point of Orbital Barrage isn’t to hit the monster with the whole thing, it’s an area denial tool. Some people have found fun ways to use it like jumping chasms, but the main thing is that the monster does NOT want to be in it, so if the monster is focusing you or one of your teammates you can place it in their path to try and deter the monster from going through it. Likewise, if the monster is sitting on one of your downed teammates trying to kill them outright you can drop it on them to try and get the monster off. The huge damage is supposed to be a punishment for staying in the area, that’s why there are three initial warning shots before the bombardment starts proper.

Erm… All of the hunters DO have the dome, you just hold F when the prompt shows up (but be careful not to drop the dome someone else just put up).

The hunters can be surprisingly quick, it’s all about knowing how to move properly and how to manage your jetpack. Remember climbing walls costs no fuel, and if you feel too slow try out some of the movement speed or jetpack perks. Unlike the trailer hunters are NOT supposed to spend all their time hovering above the ground, it’s far more of an emergency tool. If you find yourself in a real bind remember you can hit space twice while not moving to jetpack boost straight up. Someone with more hunter experience might be able to give you some better advice.

The dome used to just last a set amount of time, but that could be amazingly punishing against outclassed monsters and often just ended games immediately at stage 1 or just after the stage 2 evolve. TRS wanted games to last longer and be fought over multiple engagements rather than one fight and done, so now the timer lasts 5 minutes but will decrease when the monster takes a certain % of health damage and / or when hunters are downed, two hunter downs or one down and ~4% of the monster health is enough to drop the dome, but remember it won’t drop unless at least one team has made progress against the other.

Hope at least some of that helps.