Hank Fullshielding himself, pretty broken (logged)

Well shit. I was wrong; sorry for insisting I wasn’t.

That just makes it even more ridiculous.


Thanks for the info! We actually put in a fix for this and will be coming out with a future patch.


Update: Tried class CDR myself, and yeap, it’s completely broken. Better thank capacity/reload

This is a legit game too. Was’t boosting

to be honest I don’t think its just for hank. if hank can do it all supports surely should be able to do it personally I don’t think the perk needs nerfing I just think the max amount of shields should be the same as the current sheild burst.apart from this exploit I don’t see the perks being very good for supports ,as I think reload and cap depending on what support, is so much better

I think if you nurf the perk it will hurt other hunters to much like val and r val and will hurt emet even more then he is already hurting and the same with laz and that they may then be considered almost useless, if the perks get nerfed. I’m just saying please be carful about how you change this please. don’t just go o we will nerf the perk and forget about every other hunter please

they’ve already got a fix in for the next balance patch for hank to stop this. They’re reducing the amount of shield from 700-625ish, and the decay rate is being increased from 25 per second to 35 to second. This should fix the problem, without too harsh of a nerf.

Tech hanks shields more for his team, How?

Use shield charger to your teamate, and right before it give him 100% . Use shield burst while hooking him up with the shield charger

I only play tech hank once and I figure this thing out . Wonder how devs didn’t notice it

@Xboxlove, this is currently logged and the devs are working on a fix. :slight_smile:

This is not the same thing

Have you read my thread

This is or this isn’t the same thing? If not, you mind explaining how your issue is different?


You don’t understand

I ll try to explain it

If you use shield charger to your teamate, it will charge them completely 100 % and the animation shows half of health bar is filled with shield.

If you use shield charger but don’t fully charge it. Combine it with shield burst. You will get like around 120% of shield to your teamate

Like in the picture that Aramet posted here?

Nope not the same thing

And Not the same way

This was 12 - 14 days ago. I think it was fixed in 2.03

I don’t know why you have a hard time understanding it .

It’s the thing I’ve mentioned in another post. TSH has a shield charge threshold at around 50% of the total health bar. If you try to apply shielding when that threshold is reached, it won’t work. However, if you shield to point slightly less than that threshold and use the shield burst, you can get higher amount of shielding than the threshold.

Isn’t it similar like what Aramet posted in this thread? She even shows a screenshot with tech hank and showing that both him and the bots slightly have more shield.

Because you explained it poorly…

This sentence makes no sense. It seems like you were trying to say “Tech Sergeant Hank shields even more for his team than Hank.” “The method for doing so is…”

“right before it give him 100%” 100% of what? Since the threshold is around 50% of total health, this can confuse people. You are assuming the other person is just as familiar with TSH and his shield threshold (which you don’t really mention or explain). I’m not even going to get into the broken grammar.

Again with the 100% out of nowhere. You need to explain what you mean by that if you want someone to understand you.

I normally wouldn’t point this out, but you are being really rude and condescending to flamand when it was your poor communication skills that caused the confusion in the first place.

No, not like what aramet posted. That’s a case with regular hank (look at the orbital icon in the picture. it’s not a laser). The issue was that stacking class cdr allowed him to gain more shields than the rate of decay. The thing about TSH is that normally you can shield only up to 50% of someone’s healthbar. But through a trick, you can shield someone for a greater amount than that.

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Yeah this was my mistake, I thought Aramet’s picture was tech hank and failed to notice the orbital icon.
At least XboxLove created a new topic for his issue a while ago. We’ll see how the devs respond to it.

Thanks for the clarification, I guess I need better glasses.

Wtf, why did people start posting on my thread again. The problem was fixed in 2.03, and I have no clue what everyone is even talking about

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