Hank dozing on the job



What was Hank doing by himself >.<


Pubs man… pubs everywhere


Pubs need to be more considerate of their elders…


And a stage 2 wraith 2 nova 1 decoy 3 warpblast camping tight spaces.

But tottally the elder thing


If you add a “v” to the image extension for imgur, it’ll change it to a html5/webm image and should load faster. Just a tip. :slight_smile:


You’re awsome. Ive only recently started this. So im a bit of a noob here


:+1: It won’t always load properly in mobile view, but others on the forum will appreciate it.


I went ahead and made the change so nobody will ever know o.o


Looks like it’s still a gif for me (mobile).

Did you change






Whoops… how bout now?


I can’t see it, so I’ll assume, yes!


It’s broken for me and I’m not on an app.



If so, @Valkyrie, I removed the img tags. Hope you don’t mind!


Yep, works.



I doesnt mind 1 bit