Hank. and the queen


Why does hank have a queen of hearts strapped to his left bicep in the opening scenes of the games loading?


Who knows? ¯I_(ツ)_/¯

He also has a tatoo of a scantily clad woman hugging ivy with his name tatooed on her arm in a loveheart.

I guess he just likes tatoos.


Because he likes cards?


Maybe is his good luck charm… its bugging me lol


Better call in the Pro: @Matthew


Can we get a close up of his tattoo as well? Sunnies to if possible


That’s Hank’s tattoo.


Ivy number seven eh? And thats Earth she’s floating over…HMMM.

Maybe his seventh wife!?


Oh hey Vasily. :slight_smile:

@Shin Wait, Sunny has a tatoo as well? What is it?


She has a sleeve design on her right arm.


What is it of?


It’s got like butterflies/flowers I believe. Not looked too closely at it.


Hey Roses!

Back to the original question, I suspect the queen of hearts is there for luck, maybe its a spacers superstition.


Perhaps luck, superstition, maybe it’s a souvenir or something of nostalgic value to him. Maybe it’s not even a playing card and it’s just designed to be like that to hide what it really is, who knows?

To be honest I doubt it has canonical value. They likely added it because it suited Hank and it doesn’t have an actual story.


Hank is not quite the normal person. He cooked dinner and the thing was still moving! Probably because of everything he has seen.