Hank and Tech Sgt Hank nerfed so hard


So when he was 1st released, Tech Sgt Hank he was able to apply half a bar of shield with 1 shield charge and could do it twice to give them a whole bar

Later he got buffed to his capacity so he could shield more with one charge

Now, thanks to Evolve Stage 2, it takes him 2 charges to only give half a bar of shields. WTF?! That’s going to go down in an instant! You wasted your entire 10 mins trying to shield the whole team only for it to be destroyed by 1 ability or heavy attack?!

The new class ability isn’t enough for this nerf, the ability gives barley any shields either, once you’ve been focused it’s gg, the cloak would’ve actually saved your ass if you managed to escape.

Same with Vanilla Hank, why can he only shield half a bar too, the way I played him was to use my whole charge on helping a team mate tank a big ability and not take any damage, Medics could usually outheal the melee hits, now they’ll probably take 1/2 of their hp as well, what’s the point in this?!


IIRC it’s the same amount of shield, just a different visual. The shield’s health bar is now relative to the hunter’s, and the shield has never had as much HP as a full-health hunter.


Yes, the visual was updated to better represent the amount of health it actually shields.


Niaccurshi is right. Also, they both have Shield Bursts now, so like… Why would it matter all that much anyways?


Ok if it is just a new visual design and not a nerf, I’m sorry for my rant. It just wasn’t clear to me for someone who’s been used to the original game for just over 250 hours played

So just to be clear; the shield capacity remains the same, but the new visual design is just saying that the shield capacity=1/2 the hunter’s hp? Instead of new players thinking that the shield doubles their hp?

So do shield bursts provide 1/2 the amount of shields, meaning a 1/4 of the hunter’s hp?


its a change for clarity for the monster players so they can better manage their abilitys


U can pop shield burst and pump in shield generator on hunters as soon as I drop to quickly top them off… I feel of all hunters tech hank is the best and border line op


Shields used to be proportional to their capacity.

Hank would give 730 shield, and this would be a "full shield"
Now Hank gives 730 shield, and this is 730/1600 shields.

Same shield, just different look.