Hank and Markov Backstories


So on the Evolve wiki, for Hank’s profile, it says “His grandparents were original founders.” I just wanted to ask, what were they the founders of? Also, the wiki doesn’t explain what Markov was before he became a Hunter. Does anyone know what he was? Thank you.

@Matthew I just wanted to tag you in this since you are one of, if not, the writer for TRS, and you made all the backstories and such for the Hunters, so this is kind of your area of expertise.


The Founders were a group of Changelings from the Gamma Quadrant responsible for both the creation of the Dominion and all strategic decisions undertaken throughout its history. Though generally considered mythical by many Gamma Quadrant races, they remained, as of the late 24th century, the embodiment of the Dominion itself, and the ultimate reason for its existence. (DS9: “The Jem’Hadar”, “The Search, Part I”, “The Search, Part II”)

At one time the Founders were a peaceful, curious race that explored the galaxy, possibly including L-S VI. (DS9: “The Alternate”) Unfortunately, their overtures of peaceful cooperation were met with violent rejection and persecution. Many Gamma Quadrant races, including the Yaderans had fables and mythical tales of Changelings, often depicting them as being a race who they can’t trust and must fear. (DS9: “Shadowplay”) As an adverse reaction to being hunted and rejected, they accepted the pejorative Changeling as their own and retreated to a rogue planet. They then determined that, in order to be safe, they must set themselves the task of creating order from the chaos they saw around them.


Ok. I think I understood you :smile: . Thanks!


No no no :smiley: The story I gave you is TOTALLY ripped from Star Trek. It was very sarcastic :frowning: Sorry. I really don’t know anything about Markov’s back story.


Thank you so much for this.

And @SDZKeeper I know Markov is from mars… that’s pretty much it, but it’s something!


Oh… So that’s why I didn’t quite understand anything! I also wasn’t sure why the Star Trek GIF was in there :smile:. Oh well. I’ll guess I’ll wait for other people to come around and help. Thanks, anyway though. I at least know that someone actually did pay attention to my post and not just look at it!


I have a feeling that a lot of the backstory hasn’t been revealed and just hinted at.


Alright. Thanks for the input!


Markov is Putin’s son. ( totally confirmed )


Shut the front door! You’re totally puttin me on, aren’t ya?



10 charzs


Hank’s parents founded a colony (not by themselves). His parents and aunt and uncles and his brothers and sisters spent their whole lives building the colony up.

Hank was full of wanderlust, though, and took a job hauling ore on a deep space liner.

Markov was born on Mars.


I get the feeling that’s all Markov has willingly divulged about his past even to the other hunters.


Awesome! That helps a lot. Thanks so much!


Markov does say “For Mars” from time-to-time. That shows he is proud of his birth-planet.


Nah, you learn more about Markov as you play. I just feel like it’s better to find that stuff out in the game rather than from me.

The Hank stuff I don’t think is in the game.


According to his bio, it also seems Markov’s dream is to die in combat, which really goes well with the fact that Mars was the Roman god of war. I highly doubt this is a coincidence lol


Also, will there be more than one dialog conversation between any two given characters? For example, when Markov talks to Maggie, will he always talk about how wet trapjaws smell like old man farts after much cheese? Thought I’d ask since you say we’ll learn more in game but we wouldn’t learn too much more from just 4 new dialogs for each hunter. Also, are there plans for conversations between 3 or more characters at once? Would be cool hearing Cabot and Parnell scolding Laz for his plans for dead monsters. Edit: which also brings up an interesting question. You said Laz’s device only works on corpses within 45 seconds of death (reason you can’t rez civies) so how would Laz rez a monster that’s on the ship? It would take longer than 45 seconds from the time of death to get the monster on the ship and give Laz time to setup for this. Just exploring some lore loop holes :stuck_out_tongue:


Does more dialog open up with character mastery?


There are more conversations and there are other conversations you hear just running around in the world.

That being said, there aren’t as many conversations as I would have liked, we were under a deadline and the budget for these things was pretty anemic.