Hank an absolute must for Wraith


Since wraith primarily focuses on one person hanks shield gun is probably the most essential weapon when fighting a wraith.


I’d argue Cabot. Dust tracking makes hiding in dome a lot harder. Also the damage amp really puts the hurt on when you pin the Wraith down.

Hank is good but that shield will get broken but the high dps of Wraith or it will target Hank first.

I usually target Hank first.


Then she focuses Hank, thus no more Hank.

I would suggest Bucket more, due to area denial.

Lazarus to spam tons of weak spots, Bucket to spam turrets, Hyde to throw poison nade and flame the hell out of it and either Abe or Maggie for the trapper.


I second Cabot. His entire kit is great against the Wraith. Damage Amp+Assault = Wraith BBQ.


I save my cloak for when I see her ready to come at me, switch to orbital and set it right where I was standing. It’s been really effective.


I do this any time I am focused as Hank. It’s great.


It’s halo grenade style


Hank doesn’t work. You NEED to dodge. The Wraith will empty your shield in half a sec is you shield a teammate that didn’t dodge the attack. After that the guy is probably dead and all you got left is your laser cutter and barrage.
Cabot is useful, and so is Bucket, if you are good with sentry placement.


I think any Support is good against Wraith. Hank for the shield, Bucket for the area denial and Cabot for tracking.


You mean the tracking that got removed by Decoy? Because that’s not a thing.


It stays after the Decoy disappears, unless it expires whilst the Decoy is currently up.


Cabot is great against Wraith.

Dust tracking stays after the decoy expires and the damage amp is the only way to do enough damage while the Decoy recharges


I’d say that Hank’s Orbital Strike is a very good counter to the Wraith’s Supernova. You can deny the whole area of the Supernova to the Wraith by dropping an orbital barrage directly on it. Plus, it pushes all of the Hunters away from the Supernova and helps them survive.


Depends on the map. Orbital Barrage is pretty king against a caught Wraith cutting out upwards of half her health, not to mention the protection the shield offers. We tried Cabot for a long time against the Wraith with very little in the way of results.


To each their own.

Markov Arc Mines+Damage Amp = Scary. For all the monsters


Rock throw, Firebreath, Vortex, Aftershock, Decoy, Decoy, Decoy, Decoy, Decoy, Decoy, and Decoy all dispatch those mines in an instant…well I guess aftershock is a little more than just an instant…


I’d take Lazarus for Wraith because Val’s medigun isn’t enough to handle Wraith’s supernova, but its pretty risky with its movement abilities.

For support I’d say Cabot has the upper hand, because you gotta outdamage wraith to win.