Hank AI Bug & Finally Elited Gorgon!


Firstly, I put this in the bug category due to Hank having Orbital Strike out but not using it or moving whatsoever.
The map was Broken Hill Murder Pits and it on this map that I forgot the name of:

However, I’m glad I came across this bug because I could boost the ridiculous Acid Spray & Spider Trap mastery on Hank and Caira as you can see below the amount of traps and time it took me even with that bug:


Is that the Elite gorgon in the Second pic? Or just the results?


That’s the end results.

This is the Elite skin:


Wow! That didn’t look like I expected it to. I got gorgon at about Mastery 2. I’ll have to finish him, this skin looks sick.


Ikr, I haven’t used it yet but that lime green armor glow on white looks so good :heart_eyes:

Also good luck on the Spider Trap mastery, it’s a pain in the ass :pensive:


Should be interesting to grind the rest out then lol. I’ll need some luck, might just do it in a custom game with bots.


That’s what I did it and still took a good 2-3 hours in total for the 3rd stars alone


Sounds like fun. (LIES).


I got gorgon elited like a month and a half ago :slight_smile:


Nice, I gave up for ages and didn’t bother to try again until I finally forced myself to do it today. Working on EMET now :smile:


I haven’t bothered with respawn beacon 2nd star and I haven’t bothered with meteor goliaths final stars


Same for Meteor Goliath

I’ve got to do the 2nd star for EMET, only one left to do is Respawn Beacons and I’ve only done 3 out of 20 so far


Same here 3 also


I’m on 19 now, was about to get 20 but 2 of the AI fell through the map and Behemoth had full health.

I hot swapped to them so they’d die but then the other AI teleported to me so we were all stuck.