Hank 3 Star Orbital


What’s the best way of getting Hank’s 3 star orbital? It’s been bugging me forever and I just can’t seem to either hit the monster at long range, or get far away enough in the arena. Any tips please? This is the only thing I need to get elite Hank


Defend, go far from the turrets and drop them there when the monster goes for them. you can also try dropping thm when the monster is fleeing.


Make sure behemoth is the monster, since he plants himself when he uses his abilities. Jack and/or mags is great for planting the monster, so you can get more orbital damage.


Remember when it was asking a very huge distance ? It was 60 meters I think :tired_face:


In general dropping it on a monster attacking the relay from afar is a good way to get some of this mastery done too.


Unless it says in hunt specifically or requires a stage one monster, Defend is usually the way to go I find.


Thanks but it took me forever to complete. I did it in solo and the bot monsters always ran away as soon as I placed the marker, like it had some sixth sense of orbital strikes! So frustrating. Also lost every game because of the bots following me everywhere I went leaving the generators unattended so I could get 40m away


Yeah, I don’t think there’s any easy way to complete this one with bots. The most efficient way would be to run the reload perk and have a friend on monster willingly stand there and let you rain orbitals on them until you get the mastery.

This used to enrage me so much. Fortunately, in multiplayer, I don’t see this happen anymore with the Defend minions.

Congrats on getting it done. :smiley: