Hanging Pod on Dropship at Start of Game?


Any ideas on the purpose of the pod that is shown swinging above the drop ships door right before the hunters jump? Possible something to do with the third tier hunters? I am sure that it has some meaning, or otherwise would not be there.


They stock the cupcakes in there.


Good question. I wonder if it’s some sort of supply drop box.


Nah, it’s probably just really heavy, and if the monster doesn’t move before the dropship gets there you can drop it on him and take out two bars of health… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wonder that myself all the time… Reminds me of Godzilla/Jurassic Park


Probably the missiles for Hank’s strike.


Actually, I’m thinking maybe it could be some sort of hauling device? Perhaps something that attaches via magnetism to a metal cage or object for capturing monsters? Couldn’t get a clear shot at the top to see if there was some sort of winch attached to it.


I thought at first that it was some box to haul away the monsters corpse or something, but the monster kind of explodes. Unless they have something like Monster Hunter planned where you can either kill the monster or capture the monster, with capturing the monster being harder but giving more points.


I caught it! It’s somewhere on shear :stuck_out_tongue: Threat contained lets go colonize somewhere else!


Seems to be a pickup platform used by some military/rescue crews. A wench system lowers it down so the hunters/survivors can stand on it and be lifted out.

Seems like they’re really paying attention to detail!


Yah maybe it has something to do with another game mode? Like extracting civilians or something that would be cool.


“Summons a massive bombardment from an orbital mining satellite”


It’d be pretty neat to have another game mode where the objective is something the hunters have to do. So the monster can’t take them head on at first, the same way he can’t in hunt, but he’s racing to get powerful and they’re racing to complete some other objective. That does remove the hunting part from the title hunters… but something along those lines could be neat.


I also wondered when it showed as they focus it on the cinematic before you start.
Its most likely a type of crane thats used to pick up pods and stuff on the ground, who knows what it will be used for, but would love to see other game modes where it would be needed.


I think they are just lockers of the hunters more personal stuff


It could be a lot of things.

Counter Weights
Evac Pods
Storage Containers
Part of an old ship mechanism only focused on cause it’s interesting
Ammo boxes


Not that, there is a big thing hanging over the hatch that you jump out, looks like it would be some kind of crane that zips down to pick up stuff on the ground. Or maybe just a pod to get back in.