Halo Online



Halo Online is a free-to-play multiplayer-only Halo game that will be released exclusively in Russia. The multiplayer mode is based on a modified version of Halo 3’s engine and will feature several classic weapons, vehicles, and maps, in addition to some new maps. Match player counts can vary between 4 and 16 players. This is the first Halo PC game since Halo 2 Vista, which was released in 2007, and only sees around 16 people playing on average today.


Have any of you played it? It’s supposed to be in a closed pre-alpha stage as we speak, but because this is the internet, anyone can get their hands on it now. Some of those hands happened to be modders. With their magic, they were able to “fix” the game (forcing English language, cracking the online checker), and you can play online using a VLAN service, (such as Tunngle, or Evolve. … no not the game.)


Poor fans that are all over the world. ^.-


It looks awesome. loved halo 3, meh about reach, hated 4. When I played 5 for a small amount of time it seemed ok but was still a far cry compared to the fun I had in 3.

If it comes to america, i’ll try it out. I know that there are a lot of microtransactions involved but as long as they aren’t game-breaking I’ll keep it.


The last Halo I enjoyed, was Halo 3. I have the Halo Reach Limited Edition box, still didn’t play it much. Didn’t mess with the next, and didn’t play Destiny.


It really sounds like some counterfeit project. Is this made with Microsoft’s consent?

I’m not trying to be offend any russians. But Russia and China are known for their bootleg.


We’ll see about that.


No, 343 Industries hired Saber Interactive to port it over.