Halo: MCC and Halo 5 Guardian Talk


I made a topic about what you think about the Halo Master Cheif Collection and Halo 5 Guardian and what are your wishes that you want them to add in the game, it can be from Armor, Forge, Game types, characters etc.

My wishes about what i want in Forge in Halo: MCC:

  • Can use every Forge items from different maps like using Sandbox itmes on Foundry

  • Remove the item amount thing like Plasma Rifle 50

  • Dynamic Forge items like a Door, Elevator etc.

  • Increase or remove the forge budget thing

  • Be able to put weapons and Vehicles from Halo 1 - Halo 4 on a Halo 3 Map.

well thats are my wishes for Forge atm.