Halo Infinite Discussion Thread



So far the details are obscure but it could be the change the Halo Universe needs.
Let me know your thoughts and share details as more information unravels. I’m calling on a friend @RCSRex to help on this topic as I know he’s a true Halo fan.


So I didn’t watch any of the videos but I still feel qualified to speak about it.

This game will be an open world third person fantasy RPG.


I kinda doubt it as they’ve stated it’s considered Halo 6
I dont see halo really translating well into a third person Fallout/Skyrim sort of game. Considering Halo Wars exist though I guess it is possible


Naw it totally is I have an uncle at Nintendo and they’re making it an exclusive for the switch



You can trust me scouts honour



Here’s some new (signed) concept art that was given to people lucky enough to get a tour of 343 during PAX. Lucky lot. Check out that pelican! Mix of 4 and Reach.


I’m skeptical after Halo 5, but since this is the last installment, willing to give it a final last shot. I think the design changes are definitely a step in the right direction.


One of my favorite Halo Youtubers commenting on the new Halo Infinite coming up


I C O N I C.



They need to get rid of 343


343 needs to get rid of themselves…?



Good things could actually come of that. (Like halo wars If I’m not mistaken was someone completely different right? Lol)