Halloween skins


Wouldn’t it be cool if for halloween each monster and character had a halloween skin, for example wraith could look kinda like a xenomorph, behemoth as a pumpkin, goliath as a skeleton, and all the hunters look like a zombie versions of themselves?


Apart from

Since we already have the voodoo skin, I’d be down for it. I dont think we’ll get them though XD


oh god yeah, errm Goliath as Frankenstein?


I’m not sure a lab coat suits him.


*Frankenstein’s Monster


I’m working on a pumkin skin for Wraith and Behemoth right now. Sad it’ll never be in game, it’s a really funny skin.


I’d love haloween skins and I like your ideas.

One for wraith I think would be amazing would be a grim reaper skin. A dark skin made to look like a cloak with a hood so you can just make our her face. She already has the scythe :wink:.

Also when she eats wildlife/hunters you can see their soul coming out of their body and being consumed by wraith. Maybe change the colour from red to a light turquoise.

I know it won’t happen but I think it would be incredible. :smile:



That’s from harry potter isn’t it? :smile:


Yup! First thing that came to mind when I read your description.



Just kidding :wink:…please don’t hurt me​:cry:…


That is very similar to what I had in mind. Can’t wait to see what future adaptations are made.


Wendigo Wraith!


We already have that. :slight_smile:


We do?

Eh :sweat:

nevermind then xD



You… You PEASANT. You clearly don’t understand how the forums work. #RitoNotRiot


You kidding? Give Goliath a labcoat and purple pants and he’d be The Lizard! That would be amazing! :smiley:


Wow, one of the first skins right?


Imma leave the forums


JUST DO IT! :smiley: