Halloween Costumes!

Oh my god those are radical! What is that mask made of? My mind is blown!

Placeholder so I can get a pic of my friend as Dario Brando.

He’s posted a few things about how he made it over in this thread, mask is paper mâché

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Uh, what’s with the hot dog face?

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Hod Dog face? Where is that coming from?

Here is a close up of Hot Dog face

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That’s really cool! :smile:

Just reminded me of a hot dog, with the brown and the yellow for mustard.
Ignore me, I’m not properly awake yet.

I’m not sure how I missed those! That looks so amazing!!


This is the first year in ages I don’t have a Halloween party to go to. Here’s my selection from the last few years:

Cards Against Humanity:


Peter Pan:

Unicorn (with home-made Unicorn Poop Cookies):

The Construction Worker from The Village People:

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Lol the second one is the best

Sith selfie!!! #Dark side 4 life!!!

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storm trooper!!!

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That dog looks so embarrassed. XD

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I deleted it because my hash tag made it big.



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Casual Stormtrooper. Swipe right to find the droids you were looking for. :laughing:

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Just joking around

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