Halloween Costumes!

Still working on my goliath suit. Unfortunately I’ve been so occupied with work I haven’t gotten much progress. It will happen though. I just have the head and detail work left. Hopefully it’ll be ready by next year.

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If I have a chance to go out, I’ll probably wear this again.

Last year I wound up in the hospital with pancreatitus so I never got the chance to wear it.


That’s adorable.

I’m going as the Wii Fit Trainer.


Spyke from Splatoon this year, and hopefully Bucket next year! :smile:


Sadly not going out. But If I was then probably go as either Markov or Parnell or Crow.

@Majorleehyper posted some Halloween pictures as jack in here, with @SpaceKittens (?) as Caira

Oh you know me.

That’s a bad picture because that was the day I got the wig. I’ve since then spiked it up, so I can get as Schwifty as possible.

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!!!


You do know Rick Sanchez has a unibrow right… it is in your dp.

ohhhhh man not cool rick.

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The eyebrows I ordered weren’t big enough, lol. I almost shaved my eyebrows, but my girl got mad. So on Halloween I’m gona cut a slice out of one of them to fill in the space.

I seem to be the sole person in the damn world who dislikes Halloween.

Why? :open_mouth:

Where I live, the day when halloween is happening is the day we honor our dead.

“In time of catastrophes, we first defend our minds by counting the dead. Change them into numbers rather than people. But if the numbers go too high, we have another failsafe - we start counting the survivors…”


Eh, might do something like this

This year’s costume is not going to be spectacular, but I will take the chance to show off my past success!

This is the King in Yellow. Fans of the Cthulhu Mythos may be familiar with the character.

This costume gave me the opportunity to make TWO masks for Halloween! It was super fun.


Planning on wearing a Blitzleopard Pelt?

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<I need Gobi too then.

You mean, these?


I’m gonna take the little color cards from Home Depot that show you the paint colors. And I’ll only get gray ones and cover my body with them.

Then I can say I’m 50 Shades of Gray.


Oh my god those are radical! What is that mask made of? My mind is blown!

Placeholder so I can get a pic of my friend as Dario Brando.