Halloween community event prizes


Hi, I was trying to start a community challenge that anyone could join. Its the battle of the monsters contest.
I’m having a issue people brought up about not having interesting prizes for this. I wanted to ask you guys if you could help me with some really cool alternative give a ways besides the gorgon or tier 5 hunters.

Most people have the season pass and aren’t interested in participating because they already own them. Maybe some cool skins that were offered on the battle fly tournaments could be re gifted to the winner of this contest.


Good luck monsters and have fun

[1]: Battle of the Monsters [Oct 31 2015 finale] Potential GiveAway


were did you find that gif? I want it for all monsters
i like this idea btw


all systems man. no platform is left out.


If the painting I’m doing of a were-Goliath turns out well, I’d offer a print as a prize.


you could always buy the wiener skins of their choice


OK yeah so any skin from the store would work too. and that drawing would work but we would have to do the whole mailing thing. :weary:


I was told by madcow to make one?


Ah, didn’t know he made the exception for this :stuck_out_tongue:


He told me to link my event and give them a shout out for some help.


Well all you need is an address
http://www.inprnt.com will print it and mail it


I’ll wait awhile and sleep on it to figure out some different prize options