Hallo people


I’m not sure if anyone would recognize me on the fourms these days or not… It’s been a long time since I’ve played this game because I’ve been messing with music software and playing dota2. Some of my friends have been asking me to go competitive again but idk. How is the game these days? Has the competitive tournaments faded out? I pretty much /quit before rogue Val


Welcome back man! Nah unfortunately I don’t recognize you but we kindly welcome you back.

Amazing New medic came out (Emet) The full roster of tier 1 adaptations are done and out Tier 5 monster is out. . Tier 2 is being currently worked on. A big TU is coming out soon with a lot of changes including wraith decoy overhaul and more to be announced . Even damage numbers might be coming . Bunch of content .


Oh hey bruh I tagged you in my tattoo thread months ago and you never showed up!!


Are you Dutch?


Welcome back GIRTHZILLA. Deity_Pharaoh summed up pretty much everything that happened since you left. I do hope you enjoy what evolve is today even if you don’t get back into the competitive scene. :wink:


I’m sorry D: I think I seen it though :slight_smile:


You are the guy that used to have a Clint Eastwood/Hugh Jackman avatar, right?


What dies the last Screen with the Goliath saying? Never saw it.

B2T: Welcome back man, appreciate you’re back! :slight_smile:


I think it’s showing damage numbers and better mid air mobility.


What @Jedi_Warrior said, if you look closely there are damage numbers. And also mid air mobility has been improved


That was all that was changed in that clip wasn’t it?


As well as it looks like melee hits have an impact explosion. Looks like better melee feedback.


I thought that was from weapon fire. :confused:


Nope, its from the air hits. One where 1 Hunter gets hit, the second when 2 hunters get hit.


Thanks for clearing that up. It’s kind of hard to tell from that short clip.


The Wraith rework and damage numbers won’t be coming this TU.


Good to see you back, Girthzilla. :slightly_smiling:

There’s no ESL running at the moment as far as I know, but if you want to know more about current and upcoming tournaments, I’m sure @Seedsy could tell you all about it.


Girth and I will be in touch :wink:


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