Half of audio missing in one of (DC)Emet's lines


I really hope this is the right place to post this and if not I apologize. A minor thing but figured I’d post it anyway. Just kidding anything Emet related is clearly of huge importance.

Whenever I free a teammate from a pounce as Emet, I sometimes get this line;

You are safe and free to hunt monsters. #I SHOULD HAVE LEFT YOU TO DIE YOU USELESS WASTE OF MEAT!

but the bolded part where demon core is supposed to speak doesn’t work for me. As in, no audio plays for demon core’s part. God I hope I’m making sense english is hard…I didn’t record it on video, but wouldn’t be too hard to do if it’s needed. Is it just me?


Makes perfect sense to me. Hopefully one of the developers can help!


I forget which one but Lazarus has something similar with one of his lines, (I think it’s about his glove or healing field recharging, I forget) he just talks normally but the very end cuts off, makes me go crazy every time I hear it


I will check it out. If you can find the Lazarus line, lemme know.


I think the error may be in the text, I think they’re supposed to be two separate lines. Not all Demon Core lines are meant to follow a Normal Emet line, some are stand-alone.


I’m almost certain there’s a combat one with a similar problem… I just can’t remember which.


Yeah there are a lot of lines around Lazarus that when he speaks the Subtitles don’t match up.