Half baked idea for balancing ranked mode

So this is probably going to get shot down but it’s just a thought I had.

I was reading a (very insightful) post about ranked mode and how we have so few monster players, and it occurred to me. How about if there is a discrepancy in rank (I.e silver master vs 4 bronze elite hunters) the lower ranked players get a small buff to damage or something. Similar to evacuation mode auto balancing. Of course this would need to be OH so carefully implanted by smarter people than me, but it was just a small idea I had that would make the games a little bit fairer. No one likes a stomp after all, not the stomper or the stompee.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Dubious questions about my parentage and/or general hygiene?

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I’m on the fence with that.

my hygeine or the idea?



This would be good to do if everyone has their ranks, but if they don’t, how does the lower ranked team get points if they win? Did they win purely because of skill? Was the buff an actual factor, or would they have won anyway, because they’re more skilled than that algorithm predicted?


Hmm I don’t like auto balance, so I don’t know really :confused: Plus, some people are complaining about the wildlife buffs, imagine if they implanted this @__@

Btw, I edited “that” out since some people can really exploit that and it could get ugly :sweat_smile:

I agree, that’s the same issue with auto balance.

Autobalance made me stop playing Evac.
I want to continue playing Hunt.

So that’s a hard no then…