Hahahah Lazarus victory again

This time I have defeated the #2 Goliath on the PC:

Lazarus hit-list:

  • King(Dead) #1 Goliath
  • Deanimate(Dead) #2 Goliath
  • Legendary117(Alive… For now)



I’m ashamed that I never got to beat King with Lazarus, just Caira.
He lad less than a third health left, but I am able to live with myself by blaming it on my two pub teammates and @MultiDavid jk, David did good.

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Leaderboards don’t mean anything. Try playing Laz against some goliaths in ESL :stuck_out_tongue:


Deanimate plays in the ESL

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This gif is amazing.

Haven’t really heard of him. Try playing against Legendary117 he’s probably the best goliath in the scene. I will be really impressed if you manage to beat him with Laz.

Sure adding Legendary to the Lazarus hit-list.

But Deanimate is no scrub! He has gotten a victory off Epex White :smiley:

Show us the video already!


yer meen brah :’(

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Deanimate has it! Make him show it!

I’ve only got the second half of the fight, that is, all the stage 3 fights.

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I thot Heidnu aka girth-zilla was the best goliath in the ESL scene.

I’ve got a pic of me removing King…

With a ffull team that is. Guy’s good at running I’ll give 'im that, but once we got him we melted trough him like it was nobody’s bussiness.

Release some vids, yo. Promote the Lazarus way of life/death

King must’ve seen my post. Rofl.

king instantly leaves if me and my medic are in the lobby <3

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Or should I say, jester. Lol

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He has been running from me ever since I managed to beat him with Lazarus as well :smiley:

Not a chance. There are better ones out there, especially now.