Had Fun with Wraith


Cause I was in solo mode.
Seriously! I had some enjoyment from Wraith from playing the bot!
She used Decoy, but she didn’t hide and spam it, she used it while fighting so that she can get a better angle in the fight.
She didn’t sit in a corner and wait, if she was caught in the dome, she fought. And she fought well.
Why can’t we be more like the bots?


we fear ALL the bot monsters. they are so PRO. lol


But fun.


they are. cuz they hide, then attack. then fight like men. then they land all their moves really good lol. oh and they somehow know how to backtrack perfectly. the tracks overlap and loop all over the place lol.

TlDR: chappie is going to stomp any xbone team that attempts to face it.


Especially with the skillshot moves. Yeesh. I now have nightmares of 360 Rock Throws and unwavering Vortexes/LS’s. And don’t even get me started on the Abductions… Ouch.