Had an amazing Evac game last night, won all 5 rounds (as Goliath)


It was really fun. The best (and most unusual) part was that all the hunters stayed through to end. Defend was particularly intense.

I remember standing above the 3rd Generator, (it was the map with the generator under another floor), realizing the timer was at 40 seconds. My minions were spawning in 30 seconds. The generator had about 1/4th it’s hp. I had half my armor and most of my health. So, I decided I had to act. I used leap mash onto the Generator AND I WENT HAM! I just bashed the generator, threw rocks, breathed fire, did everything I could, and destroyed it! I won with maybe 2 bars of health lol.



Gotta love those tense Defend matches :smiley_cat:


I always have the hunters quit after Day 1 =(


My favorite is nest, baby Goliaths roll out!!


I know that the Hunters basically dictate the map order (4 of them versus 1 of you), but why do they always pick Nest? It’s way harder to fight two Monsters at once. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Like when they pick Nest against me, it’s gg from the start. I can usually force a Stage 1 win on Nest. Just too much for them to handle. Plus, the Minion always focuses the Medic first so after I focus Support, it’s pretty much over.


Nest is ever so slightly (like .5%) easier than rescue. lol I don’t lose rescue. Main Goliath and many a rage quit is seen after facing me at rescue. The same essentially applies to nest as well. They get to the last egg and they never make it farther.

I have lost a few games do to a pesky trapper with good juking skills though doming me.