Had a cool dream about an OP Bucket

I had a dream the other night about Bucket being able to send out eight turrets instead of just five and they would all follow him in a line like baby ducks. So it was like he could bring a wall of turrets around wherever he went and they where obliterating a Wraith. He also had his upcoming rocket launcher that shoots five quick rockets. So that was cool and wierd since i havent played him since i elited him.

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If only dreams came true…


Lol its cool right?

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Of course it’s cool, who wouldn’t want to see sentry guns following Bucket like baby ducks!


The helpless UP monsters thats who.

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Three little turrets went out to play
Over the hills and far away.
MotherBucket said “001101001quack”
But only two little turrets came back.


Lolz yeah 2 came back but they left a pile of dead monsters in their wake.


Turrets that say, “011100010111010101100001011000110110101100100000011100010111010101100001011000110110101100100001” would be adorable.


D: What happened to the turret???

It was counting ones and zeroes in great quantities.

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I had a dream that Bucket was in the Avengers.

And now that I think about it, so was I!


One day it’ll happen. You must…

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Soon… Tuesday I guess…

Don’t forget the obsidian grubs riding on top, saying “kill the monster!” Unless it’s behemoth

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I had a dream (pre jack announcement) that the new trapper was an AT-AT walker that would literally chase the monster down and kick it, it was super weak, had no jetpack, couldnt climb, had no tracking or cc mechanic, couldnt fit in most spaces and had no long range weaponry but literally every player chose it every round and kept crying that is was too OP

Sounds about right