Had a 5v1 game with two support characters and recorded it


I believe this is the first recorded case of this happening? I did some quick google and youtube fu to no result. It was really interesting, but I wish it had been two monsters instead!

The fifth character was already spawned on the landing zone when the game started (Before the monster even spawned).


its happened before. pretty funny


Another guy was in the same game as you and made another thread about this, lol.

This was a beta glitch that carried over to the final game. The only other times it’s been reported were when one guy got two Val’s resulting in imminent monster death, and another guy got two Markov’s, again resulting in imminent monster death.


Was it @Fluffington? :wink:


I don’t remember. Might have been. SON. @Fluffington. ANSWER.


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Heaven is a highly subjective concept.


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That’s fine the bug did that for you already :joy:


Cruel, but effective. Much like Daisy’methods for punishing the Hunters.


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Maybe it’s a hidden game mod? Wanna play it too!


And I didn’t kill your father- because our Assault was awful.

Probably a super ultra mega hardcore mode for the Monsters, and an “Easy” mode for Hunters.


5v1 game mode confirmed.


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