Hacks/Exploits/Cheats/Bugs are back already


Hi community,

After playing a good few matches since the latest patch all the cheaters seemed to be non existent.
This weekend however in about 10 matches, 6 of them had abusers in there.

Following things happened:
Ciara => instant ability recharge, constantly in speed buff, was impossible to shake off
Unlimited jetpack.
Some kind of damage hack, I was alone with Maggie as a monster, she single handedly took away 4 blocks of shield and half of my HP in ~15 seconds while I was bashing her.
Other team hunters were nowhere to be found.
Wallhacks/ESP, even though I was sneaking as a monster leaving no tracks, assault guy ALWAYS ran exactly where I was from the start, 3 games in a row.

As a hunter fighting monsters:
Monster instant ability recharge (including traversal ability, example: Wraith continuously teleporting)
Damage hack for Goliath, Tier 1 Goliath 2 hitting entire team, it was impossible to do anything, match was under 2 minutes. I was Hank, Goliath destroyed 75% of shield with 1 hit.

I totally enjoyed this game since release etc. but now it’s already back to the same old… no fair play in over 50% of the matches I play… :frowning:


Even before 2.0 and the cheat fixes I still only saw one, maybe two people using cheats ever. Over 200 hours played before 2.0.

I think a lot of what people perceive to be hacks and cheats are just hunters getting lucky / not understanding some game mechanics. A lot of what you said is very subjective and in no way indicative of cheating. If you could get some of it on video then perhaps conclusions could be drawn, but without video evidence there isn’t a lot the devs can work off of.


This was most likely a bug, I’ve been in a few games where rock throw would instantly down a shielded hunter or even straight out murdering them.

hehe fixed. :grin:


The only cheater I’ve ever seen was after 2.0

It was a Wraith who would send out decoys at an insane rate (as in, nearly instantly after the previous one is over)

Luckily I recorded that match and I could report him.


That’s … disturbing!


T5 monster confirmed?


A Goliath with 3/3 Rock Throw at Stage 1 with Sloth buff WILL two hit anyone on your team.


There are also cases where a rock will hit an angled surface directly in front of a hunter and the hunter will take the direct impact damage from the rock PLUS shrapnel damage. Normally, if a hunter eats a rock directly there is no shrapnel. This is a bug and can one shot any hunter at level 3 even with no damage buff.


Yes but I’ve had this happen to me once.

Was running unbuffed S2 Goliath, lvl.3 Rock Throw and down a Parnell in ONE rock. He was not at full health but was way above what should have been the 1-shot threshold. He had less than the equivalent of 1 strike before the rock hit him, and that should NOT have incapped him straight away.


OMG, sorry for that. I meant “ROCK THROW” that’s what I meant. A rock that you pull out of the ground not your trousers.



I still have yet to meet a cheater. But then again, most of my time is in custom with friends. I’ve done like 200 hours in MM, with pugs. And still, never seen any. ^.-

I keep seeing people talk about it, but still never saw it.


Thanks for your input but I think you are quite naive if you’ve only seen 2. Maybe you are lucky or maybe I’m unlucky to find them, there are a lot…

I know there are a lot of cry babies that call hacks on everything, luckily I’m not one of them.
Nothing what I said was subjective and non indicating a cheat (only subjective is the guy walking directly to me 3 times in a row form the start of the map, that could be just luck yes, although highly unlikely), just because I don’t have a video doesn’t mean it’s impossible that someone cheats.

In the meantime I played a few more games and encountered 2 guys not playing fair as monster. The most recent one was called lolololol (if I can’t name anyone please remove his name).
He was playing wraith, we couldn’t get even close to him at first and in the distance with a clear view I saw him warping 6 times in a row without pause (stamina), he was constantly warping away from us, without ever having to wait.
As soon as he turned Stage 2 he attacked us, using NOTHING but the warp blast, constantly, without cooldown.
He downed our full team within seconds (and fully killed 2 in the process). Warp blast damage was out of control, I was barely in range and got 60% HP damage.

He played another game as monster and I decided to stay in, now he picked Goliath. Same thing, coming from the dropship I saw him jumping away with 5 jumps in a row and he kept going after that.
Same scenario, Stage 2, he attacked us. He used NOTHING but the throwing rock. No cooldown again. I’m pretty good at dodging so I only take splash damage from the rock, but still 50-85% damage taken (as I was down was looking at my mate that took one too)
We were dead in a few seconds just like with the wraith.

There is no way this is possible with the normal game mechanics, same goes for the unlimited jetpack and abilities use. Same goes for the damage, I tried multiple times with friends only, just checking the damage done with different attacks to see what’s possible. These amounts of damage can’t be done…

Things like damage/jetpack/cooldown cheats are an easy fix, if it’s detected that someone does more than he/she should, they should be kicked immediately (and reported to VAC by the game)

On a side note: I had 6 more games that were completely awesome and exciting against very good monsters, we lost all but it was good fun.


Good for you. Maybe you deserve to lose to all the cheaters. Karma being what it is.


Please stay ontopic.
I don’t see how me reporting legit problems with the game turned into being accused of cheating myself…
Please address the problems. This has nothing to do with me in any way.


Some of the ‘cheats’ listed happen to me in both multiple and solo mode, but I don’t hack. Anything I list that happened in multiplayer I’ve heard people write off as “other hunters affected by the hunter hacker” or “you took over a bot monster that a hacker was using and left” So I’ll just list this particular one, a week or so ago I had instant cool down on my monster abilities in solo-mode, not a game I joined online. I could spam rock throw and leap smash easily beating the hunters before rank 3 - which is doable with goliath anyway, but laughably easy with abilities on instant cooldown. I’m not saying hackers aren’t affecting the game, because they are and its annoying, but I know some of the bugs in the game can facilitate unusual circumstances - health regen on monster, monsters taking too much/too little damage, or dealing dmg out of scale. I’ve played solo-mode many times and only had the cooldown affect once so it was very noticeable. So you could try to attempt to replay over matches with your friends and never get it - doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to other people so don’t go assuming everyone is a hacker lol


I’m not calling everyone a hacker, I called it hacks/exploits/cheats/bugs.
Because it can be either of them really, like you just explained.
I want to thank you for sharing that information, knowing that sometimes it happens in solo means it’s something bugged in the game.

Problem is that some people seem to know exactly when it happens and how, after which they abuse this exploit/bug on purpose to gain an unfair advantage = cheating.
Like I said, this guy kept doing it over again in multiplayer, there must be something he does to enable it to abuse the bug. This is probably why there are so many people doing it too.

Bottom line, people are doing things they aren’t supposed to be doing and that’s why I reported it, so it can be fixed.


Yep, my thoughts as well. Some are hacks I’m sure, but others I think have unfortunately found a way to continuously exploit the bugs to their own gain. :frowning:


Please please please address this!

Just finished 10 more games as monster (to do the challenge) and in 7!!! of the damn games there were unlimited jetpack and ability abusers. I’m getting extremely frustrated because of this. They all pull off impossible things, I can’t even get to damn Stage 2 as a monster because I have a Caira speed ability and jetpack behind me!
And as Goliath I’m jumping all over the place, using charge and leap smash!

This is bloody impossible…
Ruins the whole game


Can you please video capture this? If you’re coming up against it so much?

Macman LOVES video proof.