Hackers are sad


I known it’s been talked about but the hacks people are starting to use is becoming a little stupid I’ve had three games today against a wraith who had no CD times,unlimited Traversal and beyond stupid armor regen is there a ETA on hacker bans or is there going to be increased coding to prevent future hackera cause its starting to turn into CoD lobbies


300 hours in

not one hacker.

just sayn


Chiming in with the same. I’ve not seen any of these cheaters in my games and I’m up to 300 hours across all builds. I’ve seen plenty of the super pitiful leaderboard leavers, but no cheaters yet.


Then i guess your lucky


Knowing this game those were most likely bugs over hacks lol


I’ve ran into one shady Goliath but can’t say anything else made me suspicious of hackery.


level 40, 150hours played.

Not sure bout the no CD timers, wraith might have , 30% (perk) + 50% (buff- mammoth), so makes it like “No” CD at all, bit subjective.
Armor regen - wraith has so little armor, basicly she can just get her armor up pretty fast with just 3meats. Most probably eating by the corner while u were chasing her , far behind.

Tho, ive seen "?cheater,hacker/ or its a glitch/bug. Unlimited jetpack, and dome after dome ( yup, maggie put dome on–> switch it off --> instant on again- multiple times). But that was 1-2nd week after the game released.


A lot of people don’t notice the people hacking even right in front of them.

Had a game where the Goliath was infinitely jumping, just jumped 6 times in a row right in front of us, and later used fire breath endlessly.

People insisted he wasn’t cheating lol


For future reference buffs and perks that do the same thing do not stack. I’ve had a goliath who could throw a rock and then throw another one the moment he threw the first one. Hackers are a thing but I haven’t seen them very often.


do you have any reference for the perk , buff doest not stack,
cuz i heard from some streamer, said that it does stack, i think its from aurora symphony , using kraken, + 20% (speed perk), + 35% ( wildlife buff) = with total of 55% significant boost.\


Perks do not stack, so the better one will override the current perk if they are the same


Buffs and perks dont stack and getting full armor trapped in a dome with no food? Explain that


Perks and wildlife buffs dont stack, only exception is capacity wich is currently bugged (as devs have confirmed).


Ive actually had the same guy in my last 3 matches, playing parnell, using his supersoldier all the time. like as soon as it was over, hed pop it again without losing health.
once I noticed him doing that I left, but got him 2 more times, thanks MM

I usualy dont leave any game as monster ever, but those were my first 3 and I plan to continue leaving once im sure someones hackin


The only thing sadder are the people who play with them. Let them hack with/against bots.


I’ve always watched carefully for signs of exploits or hacking. Fought hackers a few times.

And yes, they are sad.


I’ve yet to see one at 85 hours in but that doesn’t mean it’s non-existent, I saw a youtube video of a Markov player with unlimited jetpack and unlimited ammo following Goliath and killing him solo with the electric gun, he just hovered with his unlimited fuel and dodged all the rock throws


160+ hours in and only seen hackers a few times that i’m aware of. Once I was a kraken and a Cabot player shot railgun like it was a semi automatic… got downed in like 10 seconds flat. I main cabot and no, reload speed buffs can not get you to shoot that fast(this was 10times faster then the reload you get from wildlife).

Another instance was a wraith with constant decoy. Our pre made team fought him twice and he was very clever in using it. The first battle we didn’t really notice, but when he couldn’t win he started to pop his cooldowns more often and then I could see several cases where he popped decoy as soon as the first one ended! No way this is possible.


300+ hours and I’ve come across one so far. They certainly do exist but thankfully don’t seem to be too numerous. If you can then record them cheating/hacking so you can send it to 2K and steam. When you have adequate footage just leave and let them play with a bot. They only do it because they get some weird satisfaction from ruining other peoples fun. If you try and beat them you’re just giving them what they want.


I played with a hacker once.

I killed all of the hunters and openly proceeded to ask the rest of his team if they want a fair rematch afterwards. It was fun hearing the Trapper say “You know what? Let’s do just that. We gotta get a new Assault though.”