Hackers are in the game


i’ve seen a maggie flying on the ceiling of the damn map for 40 seconds straight waiting for the drop ship, yes i know a good person with a good jetpack management can be hard to fight sometimes, but SHE’S FLYING FOR 40 SECONDS STRAIGHT that’s not a good jetpack management

i was playing as a wraith and yes i’ve abducted her but it’s of no use, she just fly back up in the air and stayed there
i don’t know if this is a bug or hack. but this game will die soon if they are not stopped

i have a screenshot but i guess new guest aren’t allowed to post screenshot


please developer fix this
sorry for bad engrish


Sounds more like a bug to me, but it should be looked at nontheless. Has it happened just the one time?


one time i guess, but i saw a lazarus who can revive himself from a down situation. maybe that’s daisy but i don’t know


Probably daisy :smiley:


Yeah it’s most probably all bugs. I play almost exclusively as a trapper I mostly see monster bugging out of my arena, just running out like no problem. Or completely ignoring my stasis grenades. Or when pressed against combo of stone wall from one side and arena from the other just “pushing” through, etc. The game just came out, it’s simply bugs all over the place :confused:


An entire team of hunters invisible and flying also teleporting.


that might be support cloak?


Unless support cloak is infinite, allows teleportation around the map and makes the invisible hunter invulnerable.