Hackers? Anyone else seen em?


Anyone else met em? I’ve seen a assault that was chasing me on jetpacks for an entire game and a trapper that throws arena, closes and opens 2 seconds later also with infinite jetpacks AND can go outside his own arena :confused:


Yes, there are a few hackers out there. They are individually getting weeded out however and permanently banned, so if they want to pay $60 or more for a multi-player only game, that they basically won’t be able to play again…

Edit: I feel I should add, if you see a cheater in your game, and I mean a real cheater the only cheats so far that seem active are 0 cooldown ability hack, and the hack that gives you infinite jetpack. If you see people using these, report them with this tool, along with any screenshots or video you have of it:


While this isn’t as effective as prevention, it’s real punishment for a real offense. You will basically lose your entire right to play online, and since it’s steam ID bound, you would need to make a new steam account and buy the game again to play.

So hackers beware lol.


Thats great to know they are getted banned, videos would be better if possible since its easier to tell that the guy has been chasing you around the map with jetpacks lol screenshots are harder to tell but all in all thanks for the heads-up :smiley:


though a screenshot of several vortexes from a kraken is obvious :smile:


i see nobody hacking on ps4


Haven’t seen it in game myself, but I’ve seen multiple videos of cooldown and infinite jetpack hacks.

The biggest problem in finding them is going to be the ability to change your steam name. Bans are account bound, but you never see a steamID in-game and you cannot request the profile of a player you saw in-game either (recent players in steam isn’t filled)