Hackers and you: How to report a hacker in Evolve


So, with the new playerbase boom in Evolve, it’s exciting to finally be able to play. But with a bigger playerbase comes a bigger chance to encounter a hacker. Hackers aren’t fun, I have encountered one myself pre-free-to-play era, so here’s a simple guide on how to report a hacker.

####Note: It is important that you video capture the following three things:

  1. Show the hack in action
  2. Show them pulling up the “Player Options” & “View Steam Profile” through the pause menu.
  3. Make sure this is the first time you are viewing their profile in the game.

###Here is an example showing how to get a potential hacker’s Steam profile from within Evolve: Stage 2


  1. We need eyes on that monster!
    Ensure that you have SOME form of visual evidence of the hacker, IE a video or stream. If you didn’t manage to get a video or stream it might be difficult to swing the banhammer, but a screenshot may also work as visual evidence.

  2. Get that sucker’s steam ID!
    It could take a good while, but you’re probably gonna have to do some skimming and scanning through the “search for player” function in steam. I know I did. I came across a good 50 [Name Redacted] people with the exact same name, but eventually I found that one player who played evolve with the correct punctuation. Provide the steam ID to back things up, it’s core to nail the right player and hit the banhammer on their heads.

UPDATE: It is possible to get their steam ID a lot easier. While in the match, press escape, select player option, select the hackers steam, and copy the URL.
IF You find a hacker on Xbox One or PS4, state the player’s PSN or GT.

  1. Eye-witnesses can be key. The more the merrier.
    If you are on a team with a hacker, as in, you’re playing hunter and there’s a hacker on your team, get your teammates to take note of this. Get them to read this thread, and report the guy. If they’re friends who record their games it’s even better, because then, even if you don’t record your games, they do- and that’s solid visual evidence.

  2. Ready to report!
    You’re pretty much set to report your hacker now. You have his steam ID, you have your evidence. Now you are ready to report. Edit: ArPharazon removed obsolete text.

  3. Other thingies.
    If must report the hacker to 2K, below is some info on how and where on the website you can do this.
    How do I report a website offering cheats, hacks and/or scams for Evolve?
    Visit support.2k.com and select Evolve > Gameplay Issue > “Abusive Player Report” or send us an email at honorguard@2k.com

It is possible that you may recieve an automated email. This will provide a format for you so be sure you provide the relevant info!

What information do we need from you to report suspicious behavior from players in the game?

Platform (PS4, XBOX One or PC):
Player Gamertag /PSN ID/Steam ID which you are reporting:
NOTE: For PC Steam IDs, please provide and include the Steam Community URL (http://steamcommunity.com/) leading to the offender’s profile otherwise simply pasting the cheater’s Profile Name will lead to inaccurate results.

Your own Gamertag/PSN ID/Steam ID:
Description of the incident in as many details as possible:
Your time zone:
Approximate time/date of the incident:
If possible, please include concrete evidence, such as a video. Any evidence submitted must show the player’s Gamertag or PSN ID and a clearly-visible offense:


It is against the forum rules to name and shame on public threads.

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