Hacker, or a really stupid bug

I was playing on the new map, the above ground one, as a behemoth and the trapper was high in the air the entire time dunno what to do with it so here:

Hmm the first picture, the other two are from a different bug post i did, i just cant seem to fix it since this website never freaking works properly… so look at the first picture

Is this broken hill foundry by any chance?

Only first one

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It just looks like the ‘floating’ hunter bug. It’s like the sky has a floor so you can walk on nothing. It happens to me on xbox. :smile:

Usually pressing ‘take a break’ will drop you to ground level so if this happens to you as a hunter then that’s a solution.

I edited it for ya so just the first picture is on there.

It’s just a bug. I’ve been spawned in the air like that before. On the plus side it must’ve been an easy win

it really wasnt^^ he kept shooting me while i was eating, trapping me from the air easily and slowed me with the stasis nades… :\

Thx, the forums sometimes dont work as they should and when i open certain chat windows i just get a blank slider from the bottom up

This has happend to me as i dropshipped down on same map i landed on an invisible platform and i got raged at by the monster player for glitching… bugs eh…

This happened to me as val the other day. The monster did not enjoy my sniper vantage point.
It was a custom with friends though so it wasn’t a super serious match anyway.

Definitely a bug. I got this twice already on that map and I couldn’t get down at all, but I got it when I joined a match in progress.

it’s a known and quite common bug on PC where hunters can get stuck and fly on the sky in the map Foundry.

So if you are playing on this map, and a hunter is missing but still attacking you. please try to restart the match or simply vote skip the map.

Getting into a habit of vote skipping the map also helps prevent the bug from happening.

it happen to me as a val as well, I was able to do everything up there.