Ha do ken (new hunter beam) dragging monsters back / down

aside from being ridiculously easy to kill, hadoken hunter has an issue where his beam DRAGS you back or out of the sky. i though the beam was ment to keep monsters AWAY, not pull them towards the group…

oh, and last match i was actually catapulted UP and over a building, which made it a lot easier to get away from that fight and saved me a traversal :smiley:

He is allowed to pull kraken out of the sky.

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Not unless he’s above the Kraken. It’s actually not even a push or pull force though it’s more of just stop.


well, this was all against wraith not kraken, and supposedly thats only supposed to happen if hes ABOVE me, not below.

if hes beaming me from below, i should not fall or should get pushed farther out, not pulled down / towards them.

so… no body? devs? anyone?

anyone going to acknowledge this poorly coded hunter and remove him from the game until you can fix the plethora of bugs he introduced?

Your original post is worded strangely; are you mad that he’s able to stop you from below you? I have never noticed a Monster being yanked towards me, nor catapulted off into the sunset.

Usually, devs want more details to log something, do you have vids, perhaps? Can it be recreated? The first step to fixing something is to recreate it, and I can say I’ve never come across the examples you’ve given in my time as Jack. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are these things common occurrences for you still?

yeah theyre occurring every match it seems. i dont think its jacks beam, but the mechanic it introduced is messing with wraith traversal like crazy. this was NEVER an issue pre-hunt 2.0. something they added(my guess is jack) changed the way traversal mechanics work(im betting on jacks beam) and now sometimes instead of going one way, you either go the opposite way or NOT the way you want.

best example is sky wraith. warp blast into the sky off a hill. use first traversal and it shoots you down despite you holding forward or aiming up.

actually aiming up seems to make it a lot worse.

oh, yes i have videos, im actually sifting through the 25 matches i recorded and filtering out the sections im talking about that show the bug, though you cant really tell its a bug unless youre the one playing the monster.

Not possible.
At all.

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yeah it is. they added him, they can remove him and fix the bugs he causes. idk why they dont test the new stuff more thoroughly. its not like this is a hard bug to reproduce. 3 games as wraith and youre guaranteed to traversal into a hunter against your will.

This is by design. Jack can push the Kraken to the ground when hitting him with the beam from above. Wraith bug is a known issue and we’re working on a fix.

yeah but this isnt happening from above. this is happening when jack is BELOW the monster. the beam also catapults you randomly.

thanks for working on it. please pull jack until its working properly. its not fair to those of us who main wraith, given how bad the other 2 monsters were nerfed.

is there any reason wraith wasnt more thoroughly tested with this mechanic introduced on private test servers before it was released on live servers??

They can’t.

You can’t seem to grasp the amount of backlash this would cause in the community.

The Wraith bug has nothing to do with Jack. It’s a completely separate issue.

if you say so, but this bug never existed before jack’s beam came into play… and the beam is pulling people down.

you dont have to beat around the bush, there are people here who are IT QA also who know how testing goes and what to look for :wink:


bugs* multiple. warp blast glitch animation. abduct animation glitch. traversal glitch.

The auto warp glitch

well, if they were respectable gamers who didnt just care about them and their fav hunter, they wouldnt care because its breaking the game for everyone else who doesnt play their character.

but who am i kidding… ROFL!

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That was so offensive.

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feelings mutual.

sorry you were offended :frowning:

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