H-Hyde Speculation Thread


Will he stay assault, what will his abilities be! Who knows!




A few people I know do. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it makes sense he stays assault, I’d say yes.


I mean it’s gotta be chem trooper Hyde, which would still be an assault. His past as a chemtrooper is too referenced in the dialog to not have it be his adaptation.


How do you know that he will stay assault? I would assume so myself but, I dunno how I’d know for sure.



H-Hyde is in the Gorgon Queen Era and not in the Cataclysm Era…therefore Hyde did die in the Cataclysm eta :wink:


I find Brandon’s comment on that thread interesting.

Stage 1 is obviously the reality timeline, day-0 as it were.

Stage 2 is the aftermath and also reality.

I wonder if stage 3 is reality or not, it could be that this stage is not reality but instead just hearsay or legend. It depends if this list is in chronological order or not to some degree, if stage 2 happened before stage 3 then it could be reality, one focused around the efforts of the colonists to help (unsuccessfully at times) the hunters during the evacuation (tech upgrades, wraith escapes, etc)

Stage 4 is really interesting to me, with the voice over element of the co-op map it makes it feel like it’s not reality. It talks as if it’s the end of times, not only on Shear but for the universe. If this is true then chronologically this is after Cataclysm (stage 2), and so if Hyde has survived that long then what is he at this point? Does he really just revert to chem trooper? Possibly, certainly when facing a surge of gorgons it would feel a lot like the wars he fought against Slim and his people. However for me it doesn’t feel like that’s how it’s presented, it’s almost like this is the doomsday scenario… hypothetical, a warning to the rest of the planets in the Far Arm. But that could just be what the announcer effect does to me!

Edit: I should also say on the above, the Gorgon eggs thing doesn’t fit with what we know about the monsters, which is another reason why I don’t believe it to be accurate reality, it stinks of people without the knowledge that the likes of Caira gained about the monster eggs on Shear presuming that this insect like monster must be laying them.

Stage 5 is confirmed war propaganda, so I expect to see Bucket take up the mantel of Marshal again and as a “cop” of kinds move to the Trapper spot

Stage 6 is a mystery to me because I really thought he’d be war propaganda! I’m interested to find out whether his adaptation is some form of reality or another spin/tall tale

And then, elusive stage 7… spoopy.


2: Cataclysm Era is what I call the Apocalypse Era

3: Unknown for now

4: Infestation Era

5: Pre-Future Era

6: Unknown for now

7: Definitely unknown for now


I don’t necessarily agree. I think those in the War Propaganda era are dead, and being memorialized, while those before and after are probably still alive.

My guess is those in Cataclysm got left behind while those in what I’m calling the Military Era - though maybe just saying 3 is better, since we don’t know for sure what happened there - are still alive, after successfully evacing and coming back with new, more aggressive gear.

I would think 6, Paladin Parnell’s era, is maybe other surviving hunters returning to the fight after a call to arms that came about in the War Propaganda era.

As for HHyde’s role, and how Deepest Dark fits in? I think that DD shows the Monsters winning the war and spreading further, bringing about the necessity of war propaganda, but I don’t know how HHyde fits into it.




Rogue Val, Quantum Caira, Paladin Parnell

Tech Sgt. Hank

Waggie, Electro Griff

Blitzkov, Renegabe, H-Hyde

This leaves Laz, Bucket, and Cabot with 2 support slots and one trapper slot to fill.

I’m guessing Laz will be a support because the revivifier HAS to stay with Laz and it isn’t a trapper tool at all.

Bucket will probably get his UAV back but it will work differently and he will be a trapper. Sentries will shoot stasis (?)

Cabot will remain a support then, I suppose.

The next four adaptations (post Paladin Parnell), and adaptations in Canon

Flamethrower ideas:

A. Headshot damage bonus?
B. Some different firing type rather than just point and click?
C. Deals damage over time to monsters who stay in the areas the flamethrower has been?

Mini Gun ideas:

A. Replace it.
B. I don’t know, the gun seems lame.

Gas Grenade ideas:

A. It becomes an Abe styled deployable with a longer duration, no cooldown, but less damage.
B. The cloud expands over a period of time.
C. The cloud lasts forever, but deals less damage.
D. It deals less/no damage, but increases the damage of the flamethrower/mini gun while the monster is in the area.
E. The cloud ignites instantly, “detonating” the gas cloud when you burn it with the flamethrower.

Assault shield ideas:

Outright replace the assault shield with a different type of defensive cooldown, such as short to med duration health regeneration buff.


H-Hyde? How about… Horny Hyde :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


So what’s the theory, then? Could this almost be the antithesis to the War Propaganda Era? While we see Caira and Griffin celebrated and made into legends, civilians who don’t understand the Monsters become terrorized and make up scary stories, like war proganda that demonizes the opponent instead of celebrating your own?

I mean, it’s also possible that Gorgon does indeed lay eggs that monsters then teleport through. Though, the more I think about the dialogue, the more I think you’re right. The dialogue talks about how she doesn’t need a mate, how she reproduces on her own, but she wouldn’t truly reproduce, just allow others to follow.


How would they change the revivifier with the swap over to support? There is nothing in his kit that makes any sense as a support. You could make changes to the revivifier to make it work for a different variation of Lazaurus medic. Like, a cooldown based ranged targeted heal that works on players who are standing up, or allow it to rez someone from a distance in exchange for a longer windup time/no strike prevention. I just can’t see Laz working as a support myself.

We haven’t gotten a second support adaptation and I can’t imagine a trapper bucket working well.


Niaccurshi’s stuff makes sense here:

I definitely agree with Cop or Corporal Bucket. Think about how civilians would see the hunters; Griffin, who used to have movies made about him, is remembered that way. Caira, the super-smart science girl, becomes even more science-y. Bucket would probably be seen as some sort of enforcer or leader, hunting down and corralling monsters with his wits.

I can see the revivifier becoming a melee weapon with a secondary effect. Maybe now it drains from the monster, or gives a shield?


I made a thread to talk about the categorisation of the next adaptations, so we don’t mess up this Hyde thread.


They wouldn’t need to honeslty. Just give Laz a weak shield burst, replace his cloak with a knockback resitance shield, and boom, Laz support.

Laz should have been a support from the beginning.

Well maybe Cabot would be the trapper, iunno. But if all three tiers are going to result in an equal number in each class, then one of the three has to be a trapper, and two of em support.


“Can I get a bit of liquid courage?” :hyde:


The “H” in H-Hyde doesn’t actually stand for anything, it’s just that after a certain point Hyde became such a fearsome hunter that people couldn’t say his name without stammering!