Guys whatever happen to the Behemoth Tongue Punch Challenge video montage we were suppose to get?


Remember that?
We got the Lennox Union Jack skin as a reward, but wasn’t there supposed to be a video montage of the tongue grab submissions, or something along those lines? Was that ever released?

Edit: Are we ignoring that because maybe there weren’t as many submissions or maybe the footage wasn’t as good as expected? Is TRS saving it for Bob’s beginner to a pro montage when he returns? So many questions.


I’d forgotten about that…only you Azmi would’ve brought this back to the surface for all to see.

But yeah, now you mention it I do want to see this montage.


I think @Shaners was the one that was suppose to show the video for us.


I’m not sure what happened with that. I think the timing was bad since we were ramping up for Stage 2.

Also, there weren’t that many submissions. </3


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