Guys, please help me with the the Griffin, Torvald, Caira and Sunny team T__T


Holy cow, I just fought a premade team with those hunters and it was horrible!!! Man I was so angry, getting harpoon every second, everyone staying in high pillars and running with the damm jetpack boost,Caira and Sunny with her shield drone, insta healing someone I was about to kill, I was forced to be monster and I said " Yeah, maybe I can try" But it was a nightmare, can somebody tell me how do you survive this insane combo premades do? Also, I wanted to share how I dislike how most premades only use combos or characters that are obviously not balance yet to win matches, like, I have fought good premades with teams like: Caira, Hank, Abe and Parnell and yes, they are annoying, but they can be beaten if you play well too, Griffin+ sunny is not balanced and also, it’s silly how “good” monsters players are using Kraken with all his insane bugs, you should not feel proud for winning with a combo like that :rage: But that’s just me raging, don’t take it personal, I love all of you and I would like to see some counter strategies for this or your opinion. :smile:
Thank You


kill sunny.

atleast tell us which monster ure playing


I played 2 games, one with Behemoth and another with Wraith, I did manage to get some kills with Wraith, but killing Sunny really wreck me up, Caira maked sure she was alived for quite a time and that shielding drone e_e


Yeah people that know how to play with this comp will absolutely ruin any monster that doesn’t have the confidence to stick to their plan and keep running and eating. Sunny is the key, taking her out is priority for sure.

Edit: Also I find that monsters do well to put in the odd throwdown if they’re being slowed a lot. Turn, shellshock them as you run through and back the other way.


Hmm I guess I have to try focus here, it worked once for me, I warpblast her many times and we all know that attacks like warpblast, rockthrow and fissure are a nightmare for medics since they take so much health in an instand, but still, I get punished a lot by focusing on somebody, damm Tarvol.


Hmmm That seems like a pretty smart strategy, thank you.


That is a nightmare combo for monsters. For Griffin, if you are trying to flee and he is harpooning you, just toss a rock at him while still attached, and he will either dodge, or take a rock to the face, and in those precious seconds, use traversal and make sure you are not going in a straight line. The best way to prevent Griffin from spamming poons is by cutting his LOS and jumping unpredictably. As for combat, usually Griffin goes down pretty easily, but the shield drone makes downing anyone frustrating. What I suggest you do is bait out the dome, and when they miss, circle around or move to a good area to fight in, and try to initiate a fight by surprising Sunny. If she is caught off guard, chances are she won’t have enough time to put a drone up and protect her. In fact, if a laz isn’t there, you can ambush any hunter and down them. If the hunter that is downed isn’t Sunny. then just take that one down and dome run, or knock out the trapper, and continue to play the ambush style. Hit and run is what I think is the best tactic against a team with Sunny. If you manage to get one or two people with two strikes, you can go to stage three and it will be a lot easier… Otherwise, stage 3 is going to be frustrating, for getting a strike on someone with no strikes will take forever. At stage 3 most hunter teams have the arena set up, and that fact will make it hell for the monster mostly due to sunny’s drone. Beyond that, I don’t know much other advice… I am still trying to figure out this combo myself. Personally, I still think the shield drone will be a problem even when they nerf its health, since Sunny can just keep deploying drone after drone. Some kind of cool down, or longer cool down, would hellp with that… and yeah, hunters are picking the easiest hunters to win, and same applies to Kraken. Evolve doesn’t seem to be much of a play for fun type of game… More recently, I stay in the lobby for a little while regardless if the hunters are kicking my butt and if they choose hunters that degrade the fun. After a few matches, I do eventually quit. I mostly play monster for fun, with my main being Goliath, and I am trying to use Behemoth more. Sometimes I will use Kraken against a team that keeps using combos that are too strong… They make it frustrating for me, so i will make i frustrating for them by using something that’s also a bit too strong. Other times I just take my losses as Goliath, or Behemoth, and try again later, and just wait to see what the patches do. ha.


Holy wall of text batman!

People need to start using spaces in their comments. or atleast make a TL;DR


For behemoth stick to areas that favor you and have little high ground. I go 3 in lava bombs with damage increase perk at stage one and stick to these kinds of areas. Hard for the hunters to get away from you when you go on the offensive.


This comp is hard impossible for me too, and i’m playing as a Kraken. I have thought about the way to win against such a team and the only solution is to focus Sunny. I didn’t try it yet but still, when focusing Sunny with a stage 2 monster, a good Maggie + Torvald + Caira will slow the “down Sunny” process and deal an enormous amount of damages…

The problem with this comp is that it is OP. I don’t say that each hunter is op but the combination is. I mean, this comp has everything :

  • “Illimited” Jetpack (easier to catch the monster stage 1, easier to dodge during the fight, easier to follow a fleeing monster)
  • Good defense with the Sunny illimited deployable shield and cloak ability + Caira super effective area healing and speed boost + Griffin Harpoon
  • Awesome attack with the strongest Assault who deals a ton of damages thanks to his mortar cannon with direct and indirect (wtf ?!) hits…

You can even get a better comp by replacing Griffin with Maggie… You will find the monster stage 1 everytime, 1 minute after landing on the ground and stick to his ass 100% of the game (and when i say stick to his ass, i mean 50 meters away maximum most of the time).

It was already hard with a good Hank and another good Assault, but now, with Sunny it’s crazy.