Guys it's the bucket challenge w/end why choose other supports? Grrrr


I played in a lot of lobbies yesterday and today and people are picking hank sunny et al wtf…

Do they not read the challenge for the camo’s on main menu or evolve forums?

Anyone know how the challenge is going?


As of like 11 hours ago we were at like 75/76 million I believe. That being said, not everyone cares about skins or may not care about the event themselves.


Lol, people still have the right to choose whatever class they want, it’s not like the challenge forces you to use Bucket, although I’m still using him, like always.


@DamJess just tweeded we where at 100 mill already


Yeah I totally get that but playing bucket for a few days if you get support role isn’t that hard surely, I mean it might make you like him after all buckets lacking in confidence…ha make him feel better and pick him!!


Ok thanks for the info


Oh that’s good I hope we do both challenges cmon TRS if we get close can you add a few on lol please…