Guys is battleborn any good..?


Watched a few vids look pretty cool bit like borderlands and overwatch,has anyone played the multiplayer yet and how is it…?


I played the beta its awesome and my big next thing beside Evolve.
But my postman didnt delivered it yet. I have bought the Steelbook Ed. from amazon it looks great!


LoL good old postmen ha! i almost buy all my ps4 games now from the store,i know it’s a wee bit more expensive but i prefer not loading disks all the time lol im lazy like that :smiley:


Check out some of the Battleborn threads. Mostly positive opinions there. I don’t happen to hold one of them, but to each their own.


Not my cup of tea bur it doesn’t seem to be a bad game.


It’s fucking awesome!


Main thing cause I still buy discs is:

  • Nice Steelbook (amazon exclusive)
  • On some game I am not sure if I will like them so I can resell them. Star War Battlefront was such a game.

But yeah download is nice as well cause you dont have to play DJ all the time!

I like the whole concept of the game. You have supports, medics, assaults (tanks).
Every characters is different. The loot system is nice. And its not like all other MOBAS.


Yeah i watched that earlier thought it was fooking class epic way to start a game!

That music is so good man…


it’s like Evolve and Borderland had a love child same could be said with overwatch lol


Battleborn has so little to relate to Evolve, almost nothing in fact. The physics is all different, the style is different, the pacing. It’s not asymmetrical at all.

Plenty of people seem to be enjoying it, but it’s ultimately a First Person MOBA with a lot of visual styling and effects thrown in. Cool if “Halo does MOBA” is your cup of tea, but a bit jarring if not.


Only reminds me a bit of Evolve because of the Characters and teamwork aspect


And that it has!


Overwatch is a great game either! But its more a shooter!
I like games which are a bit slower and where your decisions have more weight than your aim.


Only problem for games this month there’s so many good ones coming that to stay addicted to one will be hard! i feel like BB may be like Evolve in that it will probably have a niche market of players so with that said i might hold off a wee while longer.


No it isn’t. Two multiplayer game modes are MOBA style, Meltdown and Incursion, but the rest aren’t. They have CTF and Domination, which are not anything like your normal MOBA game mode. This game also has a single player/co-op campaign that is absolutely nothing like the multiplayer counter part.


I can only go on what they demo’d, which was Meltdown and Incursion.

I’ve watched some Overwatch and I’ve watched/played Battleborn. If I had to make a choice between the two I’d go with Overwatch as it stands, it looks more like a real FPS rather than a console FPS. Naturally this is coming from someone who’s been a PC FPS player, so if you’re a console FPS player you may think the opposite. Others may think differently because that’s life. :wink:


A lot of people say the exact opposite. Battleborn is vastly more complex with an in game progression system and all kinds of in game collectables and buildables. From the 6 hours I played of Overwatch last night, I can safely say this. I’m not trying to compare the two, as they vastly different games, but when it comes to complexity and innovation, Battleborn takes the cake. Overwatch is a more traditional TF2 shooter, which I feel was marketed incorrectly at the PC audience.


Yeah people say that Battleborn is complex, I don’t see it. A few item combos does not a complex game make.


In game leveling system, gear sets, 5 on 5 MOBA style gameplay, I can go on and on about it. What I’m trying to say is this, there is a lot more than what you think there is. How many hours of the game did you play? Did you play the single player?


Here’s my biggest problem with Battleborn: it seems very grindy. I have to grind out levels or hit certain goals if I want to unlock all the characters. THEN within each character I have to do the same thing if I want to unlock skins, mutations and the like.

Now, normally I like doing stuff like that. Keeps me chasing the carrot. However, what do they give me to grind all this out? 8 story missions and a few MP modes with a very limited number of maps. That is not a lot of content, in my opinion.