Guys! i beat wraith for the first time!


After about 10hrs of rigorous gameplay and training against them, I beat a Wraith at Stage 1 when he AFK’ed for 30 secs :smiley: … Wraith OP as fudge. That is all.

*Update Beat another Wraith, stage 3 by pure luck downed with a pistol and everyone else was dead.


You really need a 4 man team, who all know what to do, against the wraith. I don’t really have trouble against wraith with my team. Only the running around for 3 hours is making me go insane.


I beat him all the time with randoms. People just need to stop complaining and learn to play.


Every time i play with randoms against a wraith its game over. Thats why i never play solo.


havent last once to the 15 wraiths ive fought… isnt OP, people are just bad and cant communicate.


I’ve been beating Wraith with pugs. She isn’t as OP as you guys think.


You can’t kill it like that.

The round will end if everyone is downed.


what if the monster forgot Daisy? (:


Everyone counts as daisy?


and if the monster forgets Daisy…? Which was the original hypothetical question?


Well he said everyone else was dead.

Though i guess everyone can’t be down or monster will win.


I really dislike that they did that… I remember in their tournament last year at E3 to showcase the game the hunters were allowed to take pistol shots at the monster even if Daisy was dead (until the monster officially killed you or you bled to death)

Not entirely sure why they changed it, maybe to make match time lower, but i dislike that change.

Regardless, as you said. Someone was alive or he couldn’t have taken pistol shots (:


Good job, sir. Everyone starts somewhere, and trust me, when I took down a wraith I was happy myself. You basically just need a good team. Some teammates don’t even know how to play their role… which then gives the whole team a downfall.

In evolve everyone in the hunters must have some skill. It’s true, for example, if the support has some poor playing then who will take care of you when you’re getting pummeled by the monster? It all has a downfall when people can’t play their roles.


Unfortunately the pre-order unlock of wraith caused THIS to be a thing. Wraith is SUPPOSED to be the final monster unlocked on average around lvl 25ish. She requires technical knowledge and at least 2 of: Abe, Parnell, Lazarus, and Cabot to beat. Giving a very technically demanding monster to players in a level bracket where her counter-hunters are largely unavailable results in an extremely easy victory for the monster in question.

She’s not OP at all. The only thing broken currently is her ability to escape domes and that’s being fixed. Fight her at lvl 25-35 and the matches get MUCH closer. At 35-40 I honestly think she’s a little weak compared to Goliath.


I have a question. Whats your lvl?
If i pick wraith i win always with more than half Hp at stage 2. My game lvl is around 35-40 btw. Not even close to put pressure on me.


Do you mostly play pub games or with a team of 2-4? I always run with friends when I play hunter so that might have some bearing on it.


as Monster i play pubs and hunter with friends. Mostly high lvl pubs are teams and they have still no chance to dome me even with splitpushing. common tactics are putting laz in the middle of the map and scout the area with sniper, supporter cloaks trapper and assault goes solo.
perk with 75% extra smell range makes the game very easy to avoid or snipe specific hunters.
If i get domed i use decoy and eat wildlife and repeat it. Dome last only 60 secs and all you need to do is avoiding the assault class and rest of the hunters make no dmg apparently.


When you’re rolling with friends, how often do you lose to a good wraith compared to a good Goliath or Kraken?


Did they make any changes to Wraith from the beta? It had a 70% win rate which is pretty crazy.

Last night I finished a wraith off while it was beating on my incapped body haha. Got the “Cockroach” achievement.

We would have lost big time if I hadn’t caught it with an orbital barrage during evolution. Freaking wreaked the guy and he still almost won!


If you’re on steam can you play against me? I’d like to play wraith against some teams so if they beat me I can learn how to beat other wraiths.

Same for @darknight0354 @hunter91 @taskforcem85

I’d love to go against all of you guys to find some way my team can beat wraith.

Add me on steam please. Evcastello