Guys evolve as put out a teaser trailer for something!



Amazing! Will this show an entire match, or just part of one?
And what’s meant by “multi-channel”? We’ll be able to switch POVs, but will this be a real-time thing, or is there essentially going to be 5 different trailers with gameplay moments from the same points in time?
Of course, thiese are really questions for the devs :slight_smile:


Ooooooh excellent! :metal:


So devs is this a full match?


And will we actually be able to switch between POVs real-time? I can’t recall ever seeing something like that (at least not on YouTube) but that would be F-ing EPIC!!!


I think that’s what it meant by 5 channels, so basically a theatre mode but on youtube


i do agree that would be very epic


Hm, right after I come to the usa


wait can you manually roar as the monster because that would be pretty cool.


It’ll be pretty much a full game of Hunt, and the video will have a unique set of controls along the bottom that allows you to switch between any perspective in the same match :D. It’s suuuuuper cool, and hopefully it’s just the gameplay footage you guys have been looking for :markov:


Are the characters played by developers or is it footage from pax east?


Actually, I’m not sure who played haha. I know it’s not from PAX East. It’s probably various production staff from our publisher, 2K.


So that means we’ll have an expertly played match! Can’t wait for Evolve, look amazing, I’m gonna preorder the day the video comes out!


I hope it’s a really close match, I want to see both sides put up a good fight and Goliath at least level 2


Hey, just joined the forum, do you guys have a date these videos are coming out? I’ve been dying to see how a match plays out on this game. This has to be the most promising game I’ve seen coming this year. Not a big forum guy so me even signing up goes to show how much I want this game lol.


24th of this month :v:


Gonna be a long week waiting. Thanks for the info


what time does it start?


Will we be able to watch the game multiple times or is this a one time view? I’d love to be able to see each characters POV completely, instead of just cycling through POVs one time


It’s gonna be on YouTube I think, so I imagine you can watch it as many times you want if it is