Guide: How to kill a Kraken (from Kraken player's perspective)

I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘Kraken OP, plz nerf’ threads lately and in order to counter the massive hysteria, I would like to offer this compilation tips that may or may not help you win the match against a Kraken. These are based on my experience as a Kraken player as well as my hunter days.

General Tips:

  1. Plug in your mic. Just do it.
    Regardless of which platform you play on, this is the basic requirement. You can take out a good monster player by just doing your job. You can’t take out a good Kraken player without communication. You don’t have to chit-chat with people, all you need to do is communicate with them when you are in the middle of the engagement.
  2. Kill hostile wildlife.
    Kraken is the easiest monster to pick fighting ground with. Clear out hostile wildlife as you will be looking upwards for the majority of the fight. This strategy also applies to any other monster.
  3. Add good players to your friends list.
    You need a good team to bring down any monster, especially a Kraken. You don’t have to be friendly or overly chatty with others. Ask politely, and most of the time you will receive a positive answer.

Specific Anti-Kraken tips:
In this section, I will discuss some of the aspects I don’t like to see when I play Kraken. I will not discuss any of the hunter combos that are especially powerful against him, since you can’t predict which monster will you play against. However, I will try to address the specific patterns that you can use as any character to play effectively.

  1. Conserve your JP and look for albino Nomad.
    Kraken can incap you with a LS+V combo, regardless of how much health you have. You need full jetpack to dodge both, so preserve it as much as possible. See a Kraken on top of a cliff? Don’t climb it, he will immediately knock you back. Instead, move back and see if you can get him from below. Move forward (close to the cliff) to avoid being hit with V.
  2. Fight Kraken in the open.
    As silly as this may sound, this is the best terrain to fight a Kraken. The more room you have to dodge, the better. A cave fight is a suicidal idea, since he will simply knock people back and kite you to the other side of the cave to repeat the process until your health is gone.
  3. Keep your distance. Picking 3 AS at stage 3 and incapping 2-3 foolish hunters that got to close - priceless. The closer you are to the Kraken, the easier it is for him to deal damage. Don’t give him that chance.
  4. Spread around, but keep your formation. A square is probably the most uncomfortable formation for me to fight, since the isolation of one hunter usually leads to heavy punishment + hunters can undo the health damage since the medic / support can easily shift towards the focused hunter.
  5. Bring him down (but remember #3!!!). The LS is easier to aim while in the air, so you dramatically increase your chances of dodging while the Kraken is on the ground. Bonus points if you drop him on the minefield or in the toxic cloud.
  6. Poison. See an albino Venomhound - kill it and take the perk. The green glow that covers the screen inhibits any attempt to aim properly + you do bonus damage.
  7. Don’t rely on the relay - Kraken feels comfortable both in closed or open relays (but remember #2!!!), so you do not have a terrain advantage on any map. Try to chase him and force the fight outside of the relay, but don’t get too far away - he can still win by destroying it.
  8. Let the assault do the job.
    Save your health, save your teammates’ health if you are the medic, and for the love of God, don’t try to deal ‘extra’ damage to a Kraken if that means your teammate will go down. If Kraken got strikes on any of you early - it’s GG, since he will just keep focusing that same person consistently inhibiting your team’s performance.

I hope some of these strategies will improve your chances of beating a Kraken. Happy hunting, hope you can get yourself some seafood for dinner.


Lol id do that if stasis actually dragged him down like its supposed to >_>

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That will have to wait until the patch, I agree

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Yup, Kraken is the most mobile monster currently. ^.^

Heal burst is also the best counter to kraken. medic should stand somewhere near the middle with cover while the others made a spread out triangle. each able to cover each other. if the LS dodge fails. jetpack to the medic and get back to full hp. (depending on medic).

I call it “tri-force” formation lol.

when medic is focused the medic runs depening on the trapper. maggie= towards, abe towards/away, griffin away, crow towards/away.
griffin u run to support for some cloaks.

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Yeah this is why I think we are seeing all this OP stuff, since we can’t even bring him down.

Another good tip, forget close range weapons as your main damage source, having minigun, and assault rifle firing on kraken 90% of the time without burning jetpack is far more effective than lightning, flamethrower on him 10% of the time and burning all of your fuel.
Parnell struggles, but his potential to ruin even a decently good kraken’s health given the opportunity is not to be underestimated.
Torvald is in a weird limbo, on one hand mortars have excellent range, on the other kraken can dodge that with ease, keeping damage on him is vital.

The supports all have potent long ranged weapons (-mininuke), use them, the Kraken is vulnerable to headshots and usually lacks any cover, so shoot him any chance you get.

in all honesty they shouldn’t have made him be able to stay in the air all the time during a fight. its even worse when even when tranq is in him he hardly slows down. if your playing as sunny vs a kraken then your pretty much better off just using the jetpack booster and keeping the shield drone out cause you’ll miss hitting him with her mininuke grenade launcher 99% of the time.

Everyone who plays Kraken has 1 simple strategy, if you take any damage just fly in the air and never come down.