Guide for my man Bucket?


Anyone know where I can find a good guide or advice on everyone’s favorite robot (what perk to take, how to prioritize weapons, etc)? I just recently started giving him a real go and I’d like to ensure I’m playing him properly.


He works well with health regen or if you want to use UAV a lot you’re gonna need move speed or jet pack to catch up after you fall behind damage perk also works well. He pairs well with Laz against the monsters other than Kraken. Prioritize setting up turrets and then use your rockets.

Always be ready to use your cloak to save whoever is being focused and give them a heads up so they stop shooting. Works well with Laz cause turrets will keep hammering the monster while you guys book it.

If you’re last one left and you have health regen you can do a pretty decent job of fending the monster off cause you don’t have to worry about pounce and can just dodge and play keep away while the turrets do lots of damage.


Here’s how I play bucket (I’m nobody special for pretext):

Use UAV only when you know your heading in the wrong direction to get to the monster.

Always activate UAV on top of an elevated cliff w/ at least 2 turrets surrounding you… Will stop monster pounce… And let you hear him break turrets before he attacks you.

ALWAYS start with turrets when you run into the monster… Immediately, many people don’t realize that bucket is a DMG support firstly instead of a utility support… Because UAV is near useless in dome

ONLY use rockets once you have laid down a majority of the turrets… This allows you to lay down “constant pressure” while also bursting your damage with rocket hits

I take reload speed… You get the turrets out faster and it allows you are to deploy your head BEFORE the tag is over