Guide for fighting Wraith


Fighting, beating, stopping, defeating, tips and tricks against, the Wraith.

A lot of people are still of the opinion that Wraith is just an OP monster. I disagree. While the Wraith is easily the sneakiest, and most mechanically challenging of the monsters. It is these very mechanics that make a wraith bad or good.

Disclaimer: I don’t know if every wraith does what I do, but I have watched a lot of play, and played a lot of Wraith, so I think this list of ways to beat Wraith’s mechanics should really help out a lot of you players have issues with Wraith.


Warp Blast - This ability allows the Wraith to close a distance easily twice that of it’s normal warps jumps. However, when the Wraith reaches it’s destination is will sit stationary for about half to a full second of time before actually exploding. When the Wraith engages with it, try to jump out, if you jump when you see it coming, you’ll get out of the blast radius before it explodes.

When it uses Warp Blast to run, you can use the time it remains stationary to hit it, if it is still in your line of sight.

Abduction - This ability is hard to land, if you keep your movements erratic, the Wraith won’t hit you with this ability. If he does, all you can really do is try to run, attack or cloak away. While hoping your team will get there to back you up.

Decoy - This ability is easily the most useful of all the Wraiths abilities. Giving it many many options in and out of combat. This is where I have to go into an rather in-depth list of just how the Wraith can use Decoy.

The Decoy can be used for many things. The Wraith outside of combat, can use it to fight large game for him, and distract the hunters in pursuit.

In combat the decoy is invaluable. Allowing to you deal damage damage yourself, and then quietly slip away when you are about out of armor.

1 Combo I use as Wraith is warp blast in, deal damage with super nova, down a hunter or 2, then use decoy to escape.

Now decoy isn’t as broken as people think. Just like the warp blast ability the decoy ability freezes the monster in place while the casting animation commences. The actual animation can be seen buy hunters, even if they can only see the decoy breaking away from the invisible Wraith, you can see take an education guess at where the Wraith is, or hit him with tethers before the decoy’s animation is complete.

Remember that any action apart from moving or eating will cause the Wraith to break cloak, and kill it’s decoy. If you can force it to break cloak in favor of getting away faster, the raging decoy will be no more.

The decoy does a lot of dmg, and is something you want to avoid if at all possible. The best way to tell if the wraith has used decoy is if you see it. The next best way is: if you lost sight of it recently, and then you see it diving into your team, that probably isn’t the real wraith. Also, the Wraith decoy will almost always use 2 warp jumps right after being deployed. The decoy’s AI isn’t perfect, half the time it face plants into a wall with at least 1 of these dashes. If it does that, it isn’t real, just get away from it.

Early I mention that the Wraith can only move and eat while cloaked. This eating note is very important. If a Wraith cloaks, and food is around the wraith will likely go for the food. Just spray bullets above the food and you’ll stop the Wraith. Another thing: if you team has a lazarus, what I like to do, is dive in with the combo I mentioned earlier. However, with lazarus, I focus 1 target down, not always lazarus, down them, and then kill them. Then I wait near the body till decoy is ready. Once I have decoy, I pop it devour the body, and bolt away before anyway can get me. If you have a larazus on your team and wraith decoy’s near a dead teammate’s body, don’t shoot the decoy, shoot just above your dead teammates body. Stop that Wraith before it puts the final nail in the coffin of your ally.

In dome situations, if you lost sight of the Wraith. Check large bushes, shoot them, walk into, I don’t care, just make sure you check them, and all of them. Or the Wraith will get away scott free cause you thought, “how could a 2 story tall monster hide in a bush?” Don’t be that guy.


Supernova - This ability sends out an AOE bubble around the Wraith that super charges the Wraiths melee attacks to lose dmg very very quickly, although he loses his ability to send targets flying. When you see Wraith pop supernova, just jet-pack out. That’s literally all you have to do. Also, make sure you dodge the abduction too.

In fights, never group up near each other inside supernova. This will destroy your whole team as he does to AOE dmg around the center of his melee attacks. Don’t let Wraith wreck your team.

If you guys have any questions, or other good tips, I’m all ears.

Want to beat wraith? High level hunters got you down? Think something is OP?