Guest characters?


Which kind of characters do you think would fit in with evolves gameplay, if you have an idea explain their abilities, class, etc.

My idea:
Master Chief

Class: assault

Gear 1: the assault rifle
Pretty much a clone of markovs with a different skin and clip size, maybe a little faster fire rate

Gear 2: the rocket launcher
since it only has two shots, it should probably do say two parnell rockets worth of damage, maybe travel faster

Gear 3: frag grenades
like a markov mine but throwable, definitely will do less damage though

Gear 4: assault shield
but cleverly disguised as an overshield

Only one ive really thought out fully
may add more if i can think them through


What about MEEE!


Your Master Chief idea is basically a combination of T1-T3 Assaults as a single character. :confused:

Support - The Predator
Primary - Plasma Caster
Can fire autoshots for decent damage, or fire a charged shot that deals exceptional damage that heat-seeks the monster. The charged shot drains the clip completely.

Secondary - Wristblades
Semi-decent damage that can pierce armor. Obviously, the drawback is one needs to be on very close proximity.

Special Ability - Thermal Vision
The Predator engages thermal vision for 30 seconds, making all wildlife and the Monster stick out even from extreme distances

Class Ability - Cloak

EDIT: The Alien would make for an interesting, if overpowered, monster.


Johnny Cage
Primary: Nutcraker, Get close to the monster and punch his nuts. Stuns the monster for 10 seconds and causes heavy damage.
Secondary: Papparazi: Johnny summons the Papparazi to blind the monster with camera flashes.
Utility: Gun Play: Summon your body guards to shoot the monster for you. Acts like 2 ebonstar soldiers with Markov’s assault rifle.


This one!
and masterchief would have to be an xbox only character :confused: