GTX 960 enough for maxed out 1080p?


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Since beta ended before the card came out, there is no real way to check it out before the game comes out, but do you think it would be enough to get 70 + fps maxed out ?

No problem on CPU power on my side, but since its designed as the “sweet spot” card a lot of people might buy it, and Evolve is pretty graphics demanding, I would like to know if a 200 bucks card can run evolve fully, because a lot of PC players might be running this card in the future, or maybe a Ti version.

Oh, and thinking about it, is there any news about Crossfire and Sli support ? I own two HD 6950’s and I expected them to run the game maxed out already, I would like to avoid buying a Gtx 970 because I’m waiting for AMD’s new gen on Q2.

What are your opinions on this guys ?


My GTX 680 is enough for maxed out 1920x1200 at 54+ fps, so I’d assume so. That said, someone I know has a GTX 970 and they were getting the same framerate as me at 1440p, so I’m not sure how much more that resolution takes.


Okay but Gtx 680 > 960 I think ? If I member right the 680 is kinda a high-end gpu, so I’d expect lower than this on the 960 then, thats a bit of a shame Cryengine 3 is requiring top of the line GPU’s even for 1080p, Unreal Engine would have been so much better imo… maybe not as beautiful but surely less heavy to load, I’m not sure every pc player there has really recent gpu.


During the beta, I played the game on 1080p max settings using my GTX760. I got around 45-50 FPS. Drops below 45 were pretty rare.

I’m not sure how exactly a GTX960 would perform, but I’d expect you to have no issues.


Well actually the Gtx 960 isn’t really that powerful compared to the 970, its about the power of the R9 280 thats why I might be going for the enthusiast range, but I’m thinking about people upgrading for this game without wanting to spend a thousand bucks in upgrades.


Running a 680 @ 1440 with little issue and it is runnable at max. Though I do cut back on AA to get more stable FPS.


The GTX 960 appears to be about on par with the AMD R9 285 according to digital foundry.

Full article:

And here is the power comparison chart for GPUs:

I decided to jump in and upgrade since I am running my GTX 660 and can’t even get 60fps on 1080p low settings for Evolve. The big advantage of the GTX 960 of course is the efficiency and improved cooling.

If you have the big enough power supply and you don’t care about efficiency, then you probably want a 280X instead.


Damn low on a 660, it hurts. Though I never really noticed major fps increase when tuning down graphic details except shadows


Okay 960 2gb user here running 1080 at max settings!
First off, disclosure: I do not use any framerate testing tools, just my eyes.
I assume stutter occurs below 30 fps.
My eyes tell me the 960 is a big step up from my old 660. Graphics are buttery smooth on all levels / situations except for that one part of Broken Hill Murder Pits that has 3 levels and the sunlight streaming in. And then, only when you’re on top of the box on level 2. Other than that, buttery smooth. My old 660 would see stutter on 20% of all game levels / situations.
Yes even with spore clouds.
So 960 2gb = great for 1080
960 4gb = perfect for 1080

p.s.: Vsync OFF


OMG did I just reply to a year old thread? How did that happen?!


It won’t. My 970 can so-so make it render at 60 FPS.