GTX 750 TI not enough VRAM for 800x600?


Looking forward to jumping in and playing but ran into some issues… 1st installed with GTX 260 and realized then that I had nowhere near the GPU to handle the game (same error message that I’m still getting). So I uninstalled fully the game and video drivers, picked up an NVidia GTX 750 TI, reinstalled fully but am still getting the same error message. I’m able to click okay to bypass, but then the logo pages are choppy and when it starts to load even the first screen it gets to about 95% and hangs for 30+ minutes, never allowing me in to see anything. I’ve tried with -autoconfig parameters, tried through geforce experience, tried disabling geforce experience etc but nothing seems to be working. Updated all NVidia drivers, updated all Windows drivers, etc.

i7 920 @ 2.67
8GB Ram
NVidia GTX 270 TI
1.5tb HD



I don’t want to say something bad about this game, because I definitely love it. But still, IMO I don’t think Turtle did a bang up job with the optimization of this game for the most of the systems that people have. Because i’m sure not all of us have Custom made PCs. I for one don’t think my specs are best, but neither are bad. I got: i7 2.5GHz, Nvidia GeForce850M, 8GB Ram. Win 8.1 (Laptop Asus N550JV)

I want to say, that there’s many other multiplayer games that have the same graphics, image quality, textures, shadows, etc and run more fluid, with a fair amount of fps (50-60) that doesn;t drop when something explode or when you shoot, turn fast…