GTFO, Hardcore Sci-Fi Horror 4-Player Coop


I had lots of fun with this game :slight_smile: It was pretty short, but trying for the golds with a team was fun.


Alien Swarm was a great game that was never planned to get any post launch support which irritates me because the game would of been top 5 coop games of all time if it just kept expanding on levels, weapons and enemies.


Did you see alien swarm reactive drop? It has like…7 new campaigns. and PvP. And 8 player co-op.


That actually brought me back for a bit :slight_smile: Most of the player made campaigns were pretty terrible :frowning:


Really? I liked most of them. They had some pathing issues with the AI’s but other than that…


I was following the workshop for a bit, but nothing really caught my eye that really had any significant quality.


No, I’m talking about the player made ones before Reactive came out. Basically towards the beginning of Alien Swarm.


It wasn’t a workshop thing, it was a re-release of the game itself.


Yeah, tried it and after all those years I wasn’t really impressed.


Why not?

(This is the GTFO thread though. I think there is an alien swarm thread around here somewhere…)


there are not much nice coop games out there. this looks like one of them, too bad we dont have eta when its released.

except of course the next ip from TRS, where o where art thou.

true, this looks like one of the designs from TRS.


I’m hyped to say the least. Hopefully it prioritises atmosphere as the game looks like it could benifit from it. Trying to make it silly like KF or payday won’t work.