GTFO, Hardcore Sci-Fi Horror 4-Player Coop


If anyone is on the lookout for more coop games in the future.\

Not a huge fan of the name but the concept already makes me hyped up for it.

To be released in 2018 on Steam.


For a moment I thought this was the TRS project based on the title of the topic :stuck_out_tongue:


It honestly does remind me of something TRS would make, the excellent voice acting, characters, atmosphere and emphasis on coop ticks all the bells.


I thought the Payday 2 people were working on a new Walking Dead game. They doing both?


Hahaha, that autoaim soft lock :stuck_out_tongue:


GTFO is being made by a different company called ‘10 Chambers Collective’ and the guy who runs that is a former Payday dev. Overkill (who made Payday) is working on The Walking Dead game.


Ah thanks for that :slight_smile:


I never noticed that, I think it’s intentional like a perk you can select to customize your weapons, one of the devs said there’s a good amount of item and loadout variety so that could be auto-aim perk for the SMG and you ADS for more accurate targeting.



I’m thinking it’s just the controller support that most consoles have with their FPS. It doesn’t ‘snap’ to targets but it does ‘stick’ If that makes sense. Either way, always looking for some nice coop games :slight_smile:


I am remaining cautiously optimistic for this game. The trailer looks awesome, but doesn’t give us an idea to a huge part of the content. That said, Coop alien shooting should be very fun. I would thoroughly engaged if it had a good story behind it (kind of like evolve did).


I’ll post it everytime you do an awful meme post.


Yeah, seems incredibly childish and unprofessional. Tasteless, I suppose.


Same,the trailer even look more familiar the descending resemble Evolve drop off so much


Idk,the characters use a lot of profanity and swearing it could be an intentional theme,i think this is more of a “bad taste” than Dev being childish and putting on the for the sake of being “edgy”.
However i’m more concern about the game play,if it come out good then TRS will have some serious competition


Not honna lie, I kind of liked what I saw in this trailer during the awards. Gonna keep an eye on it.


I liked what I saw as well. The music at the ending is great.

Overall, this looks like a fun co-op game and if the soundtrack is good, I’ll definitely look into buying it.


I don’t think it’s tasteless. I’ve seen far worst, and to be honest GTFO is a ‘fairly’ common expression and isn’t really one of the more crude/crass terms these days. Besides, if Aliens used it, I’m A ok with it :slight_smile:


This is something I’m getting!


So, it’s pretty much Alien Swarm in first person with Dead Space’s enemies.