GTFO Gameplay - Hardcore Coop Horror FPS


Gameplay video of GTFO since its appearance at the 2017 The Game Awards show.

Bonus short clip:


I forgot about this game, thanks!


a MP horror game, is that really a scary exp?


Hm, still need to see more of it in action, but I’m still interested.


Up to you. Some might, some don’t. It’s dark, has monsters, and heavy emphasis on volumetric lighting to set the tone so its good enough for me.
Pretty much summed up in this clip:


Hunting a monster and, through a stroke of not paying attention, noticing you’re walking straight through a Venomhound den is pretty scary to me already, and Evolve wasn’t even set up as a horror game :joy:


Added new gameplay video from today by PC Gamer.


i am expecting TRS’ next big thing to be better than this. inclusive of the epic sound effects. true it doesnt look that scary here but the sound is real good


Τhis just makes me more mad at TRS because we haven’t had even a tid bit of info for their new game for the past half a year :frowning:


true, but i’m having faith in TRS. they’ve got the proper relation company now. i know they can really deliver, and what i like about them , they value art in games. cyberpunk took like 5 years?? this year the e3 just looks like GTA with “cyberpunk” fashion and architecture, didnt looked that impressive. TRS knows what fun is, lots of things to shoot at(as mentioned from their GM-means lotta action) , dark fantasy(means superb art. dark souls/lotr style hopefully!!) and its coop! they know how fun it is to play with friends. i really want them to take a big slice of the gaming market when they do release.


Unless you were a journalist who saw the closed doors gameplay no one can really judge Cyperpunk. I don’t think you realize how ambitious that project is along with the expectations everyone is putting it through. The fact you said it’s GTA with cyberpunk aesthetic slapped onto is already a terrible comparison when it’s closer relatable product is The Witcher 3.


I personally didn’t like its aesthetic… I felt it doesn’t really know what it wants to be and from the trailer it just looks like Saints Row IV with flying cars. There is such a mish-mash of concepts and everything is so colorful that I personally don’t like it. Cyberpunk to me needs to be grim, with lots of pollution, tall buildings, decadent society and neon signs, but I think they might have taken the “punk” aspect of it a bit too literally, maybe.

But that’s just me.


lol, no matter what you can’t judge my judgement or opinion. GTFO was made by 9-10 guys, i dont care how many years or people they took to make cyberpunk, even Skyrim had a crazy amount of people working on it.yet the writing isnt good for me, story wise. i didnt say cyberpunk is bad, i said “just looks like”. so you are the one quickly to jump to the trigger

i was just about to reply to slewey to explain but then i read your reply which is Exactly what i’m pointing out. compare the first trailer 5 years ago with the e3 trailer this year. its so bright, thats why i mentioned like GTA. even the voice acting doesnt sound grim or futuristic. sounds so normal American.
look at Tron Legacy movie. the feeling is grim, the voice over is grim. blade runner is grim. and the characters have a certain style to it. the new e3 trailer is just “cyberpunk fashion” but the behaviour remains present date, doesnt keep the immersion.
yeah i agree, too much punk aspect. and with scenes of “tech”

and to top it off, many true fans of cyberpunk genre out there will be really bothered by this. those who read the books and watch those movies.


A multiplayer horror game is something that I believe can be done if done right (like all things really).
I’ve still been doing nothing but brainstorming a game in my head for years and that was one of the aspects for some of the game.

It’s just a matter of doing it right both with the scary “encounters” as well as making sure that the communication between players is, more or less, cut off at the right times. Granted there is Discord and Party chat that can ruin this but a simple “Best experienced with in-game communication” would suffice (maybe even force people out of group chats like what CoD does for Search and Destroy gamemodes).

Altho some players might not like that idea so honestly it’s one of those “we will cross that bridge when we get there” kind of things.

Honestly I don’t even know if the ideal game that I have in mind will ever see the light of day and even if somehow I do manage to actually “get started” on it I have no idea if it will turn out the way that I actually have dreamed it would. Ah well… something to always hope for I guess.